Burglary at the cricket club

The police are appealing for help from the public after a burglary in Cresswell this week. It seems that thieves broke into the changing-rooms shed (the one next to the pavilion) at our local cricket club, and stole three generators.

If you know Blythe Cricket Club (in Cresswell Lane, just up from the Izaak Walton Pub), you’ll know that the ground is on the top of the ridge, so there are no neighbouring houses overlooking the site, which possibly explains why the thieves may have been able to work unseen and undisturbed.

Blythe Cricket flag

Blthe Cricket Club pavilion, with the changing rooms to the left of it

But… did you see something?  The theft was committed sometime between Sunday 21st and Thursday 25th September.  The three generators are hefty items so some sort of transport must have been used to take them away.

Do you know something, or have you heard about anything?  Entry was gained by forcing a lock on the changing-room door, so it seems like it was a deliberate act, not just a piece of opportunism.

If you can help, the police at Cheadle are handling enquiries; and people should phone 101, quoting “Incident Number 351 of 25th September” when calling in.
Or, for complete anonymity, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

It’s a bitter blow for the cricket club, which relies on its members’ fund-raising activities to keep it going – and this is a financial set-back which is hard to take.


One response to “Burglary at the cricket club

  1. There has been yet another theft in our area too. The police website is saying that red ‘Murray Sentinel’ ride-on lawnmower was stolen from Draycott Sprts Centre in the first few days of October.
    It is all very well to say “insurance covers it”, but this sort of thing is very upsetting to whomsoever it happesn to.

    Rob from ST11

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