PHOTO: mysterious end for Draycott rector

The churchyard at St Margaret’s Church has an unexpectedly fascinating side: many of the headstones have poetic epitaphs, some of which of very touching.

But one headstone is almost the opposite, being mysteriously brief.  The grave for the Reverend WT Hoopell, which is sited behind the west end of the church, simply says “He was called suddenly”.  But what is the story behind that simple statement?

WT Hoopell grave

The headstone for The Reverend WT Hoopell

Reverend William Hoopell was the rector at Draycott Parish Church for thirty years until 1930; and research reveals that he was killed being run over by a train at Blythe Bridge Station.
It’s now presumed that his family considered his end very undignified for such an eminent person – and preferred the ambiguous “…called suddenly…” instead.

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One response to “PHOTO: mysterious end for Draycott rector

  1. Interesting story

    Very interesting!

    Sam Hale


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