NEWS: housing plans back / Izaak changes / online plants / new tarmac

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid October 2014
News of…:  planning application now in for new Cresswell homes / management change at Izaak / another improvement at sports centre /  plant nursery’s online project …
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– –
Housing development on planning agenda

Many of us were wondering what had happened to the proposals for two hundred new homes on fields next to  the Blythe Park site in Cresswell.  Nine months ago, there was a large exhibition at which the proposals were shown to the public.
Well, now we know what was happening to those proposals – they were being refined, and have now been formally submitted as a planning application to the local authority.  Click here to see the details.

There are some subtle differences to the original proposals. Instead of two hundred homes the plans now speak of 168 homes, though some of these will be three-storeys high.
However, the plans still include space for a community hall and a village shop – as well as public open space.

One thing that we didn’t know is the results of the survey that was carried out at the time of around a hundred people.  The Stunner newspaper is reporting that the results of that show that whereas two-thirds of the people who were asked opposed the plans, a third did approve of them.

If you have feelings about the plans, you may want to use these following useful contacts….
The Draycott Parish Council is being asked to consider the plans; and it meets this Monday (20th October) at 7.30pm at the Church Hall –  you may want to go to that meeting.  (Way back in January, the councillors said they would not act until they saw concrete plans – which are of course now submitted).
The local VVSM Community Group was vociferous in January about the proposals, being unhappy about the traffic problems and road issues that they saw ahead.  You can email them too.
And you may also want to email one of the three Moorlands District Council councillors who have responsibility for Draycott & Cresswell – Colin Pearce, Mark Deaville and Dave Trigger.

– – –
So long Kathy; hello Del & Suzanne

Yet again has there been a change of manager at the Izaak Walton Inn in Cresswell.  For the last five years, this nineteenth century pub has been open and shut a number of times, and had five different managers.
In the latest change-around, the manager who was installed last March, Kathy Morton, has departed – and rather suddenly at that.
Mornington Pub Co, who own the Izaak, have asked a London couple to take over, and, fortunately, the change has been seamless, with most regulars not even noticing.

But will the new managers, Del & Suzanne, be making any significant transformations?    Fortunately, it seems not.
Talking to us, Del said that the current quiz nights and music nights will stay, and all Christmas bookings will be fine.  All that’s happening is that the menu will be more “hearty & filling” in future, and maybe less exotic.  However, for the moment, the pub will remain closed on Mondays.
It’s good to see that the Izaak is still with us… though one suspects that this may be the last-chance saloon for the pub.

Kathy Morton

Kathy Morton – leaving the Izaak

And what of Kathy?  Well, it was always a tough situation.  The Izaak definitely needed a huge effort to pull it round after years of indecision, but once Kathy’s daughter Charlotte had left for university, and then when Kathy herself came down with a ruptured appendix, it must have been a very tough project indeed.
The good news is that Kathy is recuperating well, and has been offered another pub, in south Cheshire.
If you didn’t get our chance to say your goodbyes, you can contact Kathy on her Facebook page.  We’ll let you know when she moves into her new pub too.

– – –
Driving forward

The past year has seen a lot of improvements at the Draycott Sports Centre from which many of have benefited.  The latest improvement benefits your car.

Driveway at Draycott Sports Centre

New driveway at Draycott Sports Centre!

Yes… the centre now has a new drive, all fresh tarmac!  No more potholes and sudden crunches!

– – –
Online plants & flowers

The weather may be miserable, but that doesn’t stop gardeners, many of whom are still beavering away in their plots.
However, the rain doesn’t make for a good mood, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel out more than you have to in this weather, the Draycott Plant Nursery has good news for you.   It has now set up its own ‘online shop’ (through the sales website Ebay), where you can find a selection of perennials for sale.  Do all your plant shopping without leaving your computer!

If you do go over to the site however, do ask to see the giant Helianthus Maximiliani. Not only has it grown beyond expectation (over eleven feet high now), the flowers smell of … chocolate.  Delicious!

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One response to “NEWS: housing plans back / Izaak changes / online plants / new tarmac

  1. freedom of speech?

    I was unhappy to see on the Agenda for this week’s Draycott Parish Council meeting (Oct 20th) that council members have put forward a motion that any articles on this Draycott Village website (relating to them) must go through them, the Parish councilors, first.

    This site is brilliant and gives us so much information. Draycott Parish Council’s own site is so drab with little information – unlike Fulford and Hilderstone’s. I know you have tried your best Mark to fill the gap. Keep going your site is excellent.

    What happened to freedom of speech?



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