NEWS: Facebook page / Kathy’s goodbye / Half off food / inquest result

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late October 2014
News of…:  Draycott has its own Facebook page / Kathy Morton writes to say goodbye / Half off restaurant meals / inquest into nurse’s death …
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– –
Chat about Draycott on social media

Well, it had to happen sooner or later … Draycott-in-the-Moors, which includes Draycott Cross, Cresswell and Totmonslow, now has its own Facebook page.

The good news is that it is an ‘open’ group – which means anyone can join the group and, once in the group, they can start a conversation or post a comment without formalities.
To join, you need to have a Facebook account first of course, then need to make sure to be actually logged in to Facebook as you click the ‘Join Group’ button on the page. That’s it…

Already it is being used to mention local job vacancies, promote local events, and to comment on local matters.
Check it out at

– –
Kathy says goodbye

As we mentioned last week, there are now new tenants at the Izaak Walton Inn, following Kathy’s departure.
Now Kathy has written to us to say how touched she had been by people’s messages of good luck, and to explain why she felt she had to leave…:

Kathy Morton

Kathy Morton

“…Hello!   I’d just like to say goodbye to the people of Cresswell who supported the Izaak during my time there.
My move wasn’t actually overnight; I have known for around 6 weeks about the change… Unfortunately the Izaak was not making enough money; and the parent company decided to revert to the old system, of bringing in management couples (who work on a percentage of turnover to pay themselves and their staff) – this makes it a low cost way for the Wellington/Mornington Pub Company to operate the pub. Although I loved the Izaak, financially it was not viable for me.
I’d like to wish the new managers Suzanne and Derek lots of luck at the Izaak.

“I am now working for Titanic Brewery (based in Stoke) and am looking forward to opening the newly refurbished Ye Olde Kings Arms in Congleton on the 17th November. I hope if anyone from the area finds themselves in Congleton they will call in and say hello!”

We also wish Kathy, and daughter Charlotte, the best of luck at Ye Olde Kings Arms.

– –
Fifty per cent off food

You don’t get offers like this very often: to celebrate its first anniversary in Cresswell, the Gandhi Indian restaurant is offering 50% off dishes on its menu! The offer, which excludes alcohol & ‘set meals’, runs for a fortnight from Monday (27 Oct) to November 9th.
The Gandhi used to be called Zest, and is the restaurant at the back of the The Hunter pub (which is on the road out to Hilderstone).

Gandhi Restaurant sign

The Hunter and the Gandhi Restaurant are on the same site

We called in at The Hunter last week to sip a very pleasant pint of Abbot’s and one of the other pleasant aspects of the pub is the roaring log fires, which make one feel very seasonal indeed…

– –
Death mystery

Some six months ago, a very popular young nurse, Christie Gallon, died on the roads of Draycott Level when her car was involved in an accident with a lorry.

The inquest into her death has now been held, and the truck-driver has been exonerated of any blame.
From what the coroner discovered, it seems that Christie’s car was moving across the road and went into the path of the truck.

But why was the car moving in that way? Sadly, it seems we shall never know. Only Christie could have told us.

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One response to “NEWS: Facebook page / Kathy’s goodbye / Half off food / inquest result

  1. I would like to thank Kath for all of her support.
    It was her suggestion that we raised money for a defibrillator and there is now a brilliant quiz on Wednesday nights at the Izaak. She also worked hard to supply prizes for a raffle and supported us in our attempt to run a car boot. We now have over £600 due to her undying support.
    Thanks Kath we will miss you :0( xxxxxxx

    jleach2 / Cresswell Community Group


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