Join in with the Draycott Christmas Tree Festival

It may seem a little early to be thinking about decorating a Christmas tree, but you’ll need to start thinking now if you want put an entry in this year’s Draycott Christmas Tree Festival.
Any household (or individual!) can join in.

All you have to do is: get a tree; decorate it in whatever way you like, or on any theme you like; and then take it along to St Margaret’s Church in a month’s time.
Your tree will be allocated a space somewhere inside the church, where, alongside all the others, it will be on public display for seven days.


The idea is of course to promote togetherness, at a time of year when we all try to promote a spirit of openness and friendliness.  The festival will not only bring families together as they decorate a tree, but will bring the community together as the public come in to view our creative efforts!

Xmas tree

“Star of wonder, star of night” – one of the Xmas tree entries from the festival last year

The old church should absolutely sparkle in the lights; and an added bonus is that the local schools which are participating are likely to be putting on carol recitals.    Last year, the organisers also provided refreshments (including mince pies) which add even more to the seasonal feeling.

It really should be a great few days.

How to enter

There are a few details, and here they are:
*All local individuals, families, social groups, businesses and schools can enter a tree. You do not have to be a church-goer to enter a tree.
*There is no fee to enter a tree
*It can be an artificial or a real tree; but, if you do have any lights, they must be battery-powered.
*Trees should be up to or around four feet high
*The church will be open for the festival from Saturday, 6th December to Sunday, 14th December – including evenings
*There is no closing date for entry as such, but if it’s felt that the church might get too full, the entry list will be closed.  So – if you’re definitely interested, let the organisers know.
*It’s not a competition!  This is a community event…

Good luck….

For any further information, please contact 01782 396190 or on 01782 396373 or email Pauline Clarke.


2 responses to “Join in with the Draycott Christmas Tree Festival

  1. Last year we had a number of real trees, and they gave an extra touch of ‘magic’; and a pleasant connection to previous generations. It is each group’s or individual’s choice whether the tree is artificial or real.



  2. Australian Xmas tree

    What a fabulous idea! I would have loved to take a tree along – but to bring one from Australia is a bit too far to travel with it!

    Sara Gibson


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