Draycott in the Moors style Xmas present

Thinking about Christmas presents yet?    We were looking for something that had a real feeling of Draycott-in-the-Moors about it, but were running out of ideas – but then we came across the Staffordshire Archives ‘Maps Collection’.

For example, you can buy a really good replica of Emanuel Bowen‘s Map of Staffordshire (1755) for just £3 by walking into one of Staffordshire County Libraries ‘Archives’ Services record centres (the nearest one is at Stafford).

Eman Bowen map of Staffordshire

A detail of Eman Bowen’s map of Staffordshire, with ‘Draycot’ in the centre

(If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately. Use the ‘back-button’ to return to this page.)

Eman Bowen’s map is one of many old local maps that can be found at the Archives, but it’s good for people from round here because it shows Draycott so clearly – though it does call the village ‘Draycot in the Moor’ – the current spelling of the village came later.

The Paynsley estate is shown of course, as are Totmonslow and Cresswell (in the old typography – as ‘Crefswell’).  However so are Lees (now Leeses) and Huntley.

Lots of local history stuff is on sale, online as well as going in person, on the County Archives sales page   or enquire on the Archives contact page.
And there are no huge rip-off prices as there are on some commercial websites.
For the specific maps page, click here.

More present ideas?

If you have any other Draycott-ish Christmas present ideas, would you let us know?
We do know that John Clarke produces a delicious jam/chutney (‘Château de Cresswell’!) which is sold to benefit St Margaret’s Church… but we can’t think of anything else.
We’d be interested to know – just leave a comment in the comments box further down this page.

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