NEWS: busy police / wildlife event / youth club issue / Christian aid

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-November 2014
News of…:  a road crash in Cresswell; arrests for drug-dealing;  wildlife information board goes up; youth worker Chrissi resigns; and the Africa aid charity which is based here …
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– –
Police activity

Last weekend was a busy one for the police locally.  On Saturday, they were here in numbers after an accident outside the Izaak Walton pub saw one man arrested for drunk-driving; and then for a drugs raid which saw two young men also arrested.

In the crash, which involved two vehicles, fortunately there were only minor injuries.  However, if you go past the Izaak today you’ll see a couple of bollards have been uprooted by the force of the collision – which just goes to show how much we should count our lucky stars we weren’t in the way at the time…

The drugs raid was on an address in Rookery Crescent (at the southern end of Cresswell).  Two men, both in their mid-twenties, were arrested at the address – where some cannabis was found – and the pair , one from Cresswell and one from Draycott, were arrested for ‘possession with intent to supply’.

PC Dave Stubbs, who is our Neighbourhood Policing Officer, said help from local people was incredibly important: “Our commitment to tackling drug dealers, and those who benefit from such crime. But, we cannot continue this work without the help and support of local people; and the information they provide about crime in their community is imperative”.

As usual therefore…:  if you know something that the police might find useful, phone 101 or, if you want to be anonymous, contact the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.

– –
Highlighting wildlife

You’d have thought that the VVSM local community group would have enough on their hands, what with raising money for a defibrillator and also organising resistance to the proposed housing development on Blythe Park.  But, they certainly like to be busy!

Another of VVSM’s long-standing projects has been to erect an information board near the bridge over the River Blithe in Cresswell, highlighting some of the wildlife to be found in the area, especially birds and small mammals.

Well, their dream has come true, and the board will be unveiled this Saturday (November 15th) by local district councillor Mark Deaville.  It’s a bit of an early start (at 9.30 in the morning) – but Jacquie and Shelagh are laying on free breakfast muffins and hot coffee to anyone who makes it to the ceremony.
Sounds a very good deal to us!!

– –
Youth club issue

The successful Mish-Mash Youth Club, which caters for children between 10 and 14, is under a cloud right now with the news that Chrissi Thompson, the youth worker there, has decided to leave the role.
Around two dozen children use the club, which meets every Thursday evening at Draycott Church Hall, in a project funded by the Church.

It’ll be a quite a blow to the club as Chrissi is, above all, incredibly committed to the work she has been doing with local youngsters over the last six years.  She has worked in schools, running family clubs and counselling individuals – all across the Blythe Bridge and Draycott area.
St Margaret’s, and its other church partners, is now looking for a replacement to take over from Chrissi in the New Year, but will only now be funding someone on a much more part-time basis.

In a sense, the youth club is probably safe, as it is a priority venture.  However, funding for youth projects is always under review; and an appeal for sponsors for the church’s work in this field is under way now.  If you would like to donate, contact St Margaret’s.

We wish Chrissi the best of luck in her new life.  If you see her in the street, it would be a good idea to wish her a very merry Christmas!

– –
Aid to Africa from … Cresswell

Talking of Christian aid, we were amazed to see that a charity that helps in Africa has a base right here in Draycott.

Krizevac Project - children's centre staff

Krizevac Project – staff

Krizevac, a Catholic aid agency working in Malawi, was recently given warehouse space at Blythe Industrial Park by Malcolm Barrett, the man who – ultimately – owns and manages the site.

Although Krizevac are based in Abbots Bromley, they say they had simply run out of storage area for all the second-hand books, bikes, computers and sewing machines that are donated to them to enable them to carry out some of their social enterprise work in Africa.

It’s amazing to find what’s on our own doorstep!

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