PHOTO: Mother and calf

Thanks for keeping on sending us photos of scenes in and around Draycott. (We have just received a lot of photos which date back to the 1950s, which we are sorting through!)

This latest photo was sent in by J Barlow, who took it just a couple of days ago.

Cow and calf
It’s a charming picture of a calf, quite a big one at that, still suckling from its mother.  Mr Barlow says it’s a  reminder that Draycott & Cresswell are still traditionally rural areas at heart.

Can anyone identify this horned breed?

If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
Just press the back-button then to get back to this page.

If you too would like to submit a Draycott-based photo, or short video, for this ‘PHOTO’ spot, please get in touch


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