NEWS: Paynsley Hall / plan opposition / new clerk / xmas trees / theft

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late November 2014
News of…:  full opposition to housing plan / new parish clerk – but curate leaving / Draycott’s historic registers go online / Paynsley Hall “at risk” / xmas trees & holly for sale / Stuart Avenue attempted theft  …
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Unanimous opposition

The parish council meeting which discussed the proposed new housing estate  for Cresswell saw a unanimous rejection of the plans by the council members.
It seems clear that the idea of building two new roundabouts in this area, one outside Blythe Park and one on Uttoxeter Road by Church Lane, is unacceptable.

Not onlynow does VVSM (the local community group) oppose the plans completely, but now the parish council have given a similar verdict, and Bill Cash, our local MP has also come out strongly against – so it seems like everyone in the district is “singing from the same hymn sheet”.

It’s still not sure that the Moorlands Planning Committee will having their vote on the plans at its meeting on December 18th – but it seems likely.
If you have views, you may want to talk to VVSM or the parish council before that meeting; as, afterwards it may be too late.

– –
Comings … and goings

After almost six months since the post was advertised, a new Draycott Parish Council clerk has been appointed.  Kate Bradshaw, who lives in Uttoxeter Road, and is already well known as the treasurer to St Margaret’s Church, will take up the role at the end of this month.  She’s going to be pretty busy – and we wish her the best of luck.
The parish council has also taken this moment to change its email address, which is now

However, otherwise, it’s bad news for St Margaret’s.  As we reported a fortnight ago, Chrissi Thompson, the youth club worker, is leaving at the end of the year, but now also comes news that the curate John Pretty is also resigning, as he is having to leave the area for family reasons – with effect from December 31st.
John and his wife Angela have been mainstays of the community at large – so they will be missed well beyond the church congregation.

– –
Time for history

Talking of St Margaret’s, history enthusiasts will be celebrating the fact that all Staffordshire’s historic Anglican parish registers (dating from 1538-1900) have just been published on the internet as part of the county ‘digitisation project’.
Records of 600 years of burials, baptisms and marriages in Draycott are now available to you at the flick of a keyboard!  The Draycott-le-Moors burial records cover over a thousand entries by themselves.. If you are trying to trace family history, it is an amazing resource.
However, if you are new to Staffordshire Archives Online, we suggest you go into our local library and get a little advice on trawling it first; as the huge size of the records can be overwhelming.

Paynsley Hall in 1960

Paynsley Hall in 1960, before parts of it were demolished

However, local history buffs may be depressed by the other news this month: the annual report from English Heritage about UK listed buildings has put the Paynsley Hall ruins on the ‘at-risk’ register.
Paynsley Hall is an ancient mansion on farmland in Cresswell. It was substantially demolished in the 1960s, though bits of it remain.  The remains weren’t in very good condition before – but EH says the condition of them now is even worse.
The ruins can only be approached by permission of the land-owner, though you can get a glimpse of them from the nearby public footpath (see the Cresswell-Paynsley Country Walk).

– –
Welcome the holly & the fir-tree

A little better news is that Christmas trees start to go on sale this weekend at the Draycott Plant Nurseries.  Our one from last year is still happily growing; so we can testify to their quality.
This year Neil is also providing some interesting varieties of holly, including Ilex ‘Golden King’, Ilex ‘Red Tips’ and the Ilex ‘Ferox Argentea’, the silver hedgehog holly. Ferox comes up like a 3-D effect with snowy tips.  Nice decoration…

– –
Petty crime

Finally, we have got a bit fed up of carrying reports of petty thefts recently, but unfortunately here’s another one.

This time it was an attempted garage burglary by two men in Stuart Avenue last week.  Even though it was before dawn, the attempt was foiled by a vigilant neighbour who frightened the pair off.  They weren’t caught.
As usual, the incident reminds us that sheds and garages are just as attractive to thieves as homes, so good security for them is a must.

If you have any help you can give the police, phone 101.

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One response to “NEWS: Paynsley Hall / plan opposition / new clerk / xmas trees / theft

  1. Recording Paynesley

    Anyhow, just saying…. a) what can be done to preserve as much as possible? and b) could there be some effort to at least photograph before it all changes too much?

    Would it be possible to find funding for a display board about Paynesley Hall and its estate and its history?

    Fr David Hartley


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