Mystery knitter is back

The mystery knitter is back… again!
Two years ago, bits of brightly coloured knitting started being attached to objects such as lampposts and street-signs all over Cresswell.   Whoever was doing it was doing it in secret, without being observed.
This type of activity is known as guerrilla knitting or yarn-bombing – it’s a jokey and harmless way of enlivening the community’s environment.

Guerilla knitting Cresswell

Some of the new ‘guerilla knitting’, by the railway line in Cresswell

Cresswell has so many instances – we’ve counted nearly a dozen – that we’d guess the village must now be the guerrilla-knitting capital of Staffordshire, if not England… (?)

The fact is, however, that the pieces put up two years ago were beginning to look a bit shabby, so it seems the mystery knitter has been out replacing some of them with brighter, newer pieces – designed  to make us all smile.

Guerilla knitting Cresswell 2

Some of the new ‘guerilla knitting’, by the Izaak Walton Farm in Cresswell

All over the UK, mystery knitters are making people smile, even if communities can sometimes be puzzled about what’s going on and what the motivation is.
So far, our own mystery knitter has never identified themselves.  But then, that just adds to the fun….

If any reader gets any photos of other interesting sights around Draycott in the Moors, would they email us a copy?


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