PHOTO: barn owl in wood

The barn owl has got to be a favourite of anyone who likes birds.  It has an attractive look and its cry is one of the highlights of a night-time walk.
Interestingly for an owl, it also hunts by day, so you may see it out and about.

It’s fairly common in Draycott, which is why you’ll find it listed on the village wildlife board at Cresswell lay-by as one of this area’s leading wildlife species.

Barn owl carving at Brookside

Anthony’s barn owl carving at Brookside

We found this lovely example of a carving of a barn owl on the footpath that leads off Brookside.  (Brookside is the lane off Cheadle Road past the Draycott Arms).

It’s a piece by local artist Anthony Hammond of course – his style is unmistakeable!  It’s good of the owners to place it there by the footpath too, so that all can enjoy it as they walk past.

If you’re interested in barn owls, the Barn Owl Trust has a lot more information on them.

If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
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If you too would like to submit a Draycott-based photo, or short video, for this ‘PHOTO’ spot, please get in touch


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