Christmas tree festival success

Congratulations to the organisers of the Draycott Christmas Tree Festival!  With over a dozen trees lining the walls of the old church, and longer opening hours, this year’s event has proved an even better occasion than last year’s… and, if you have not yet been along, you still have until the end of the week to see it all.

A welcome addition has been the music. A speaker system now provides carols and/or appropriate Christmas tunes as one wanders around.


All the contributed trees had to fit the entry rules, which meant they had to be under four-feet high, but all entrants came up with clever ways to enhance their decorations.
The most ingenious came from Blythe Bridge High School, where the pupils of the Derwent House designed a tree using chemistry-laboratory equipment!  Not surprisingly perhaps, they dubbed it a ‘chemis-tree’.  Very clever!

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The St Margaret’s Bell Ringers entered a tree which used a miniature ringing tower as its frame, while the Tean 1st Brownies used messages of hope to pin to its tree.
Draycott Moor College students turned their tree into a fun project.  They photographed a teddy-bear in a lot of recognisable sites around the village, and turned the photos into roundels to hang from their tree.  Again, so clever!

Other contributors included Draycott Women’s Institute, St Peter’s Church ‘Tiddlers’ group, Draycott Craft Club, other houses at Blythe Bridge High School, and more.

The disappointing thing was that no households entered a tree, and that more local organisations didn’t get involved.  After all, the effort is not so great – but the fun is enormous.
Maybe next year…?

Opening hours

The trees are all on view inside  St Margaret’s Church every day now until Sunday 14th December, during the afternoon (2-4pm) and the evening (6.30-8.30pm).  Admission is free, though a contribution would be welcome.

If you do go along, do ask if the ancient chapel is open.  The old tombs, which go back 500 years, are a beautiful sight – and much enhanced since some new spot-lighting was put in this year, making them much easier to see.


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