NEWS: D-Day deferred / Christmas events / free electricity (?)

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early December 2014
News of…:  Deferred date for Cresswell housing-plans decision day / wide variety of local Christmas events / solar-panels offers – too good to be true?…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– –
No decision yet

It seems the agony will go on.  There had been a thought that the proposals for new housing & industry in Cresswell would be discussed next week by the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Planning Applications Committee .  However, the agenda for the committee’s December meeting has just been published – and there is no sign of the Cresswell application.
It may appear on the January meeting agenda.

In the meantime, it’s congratulations to Jacquie Leach and her fellow VVSM members who collated some 160 (yes, that’s right – one-hundred and sixty!) letters of objection to the plans, and made sure they were delivered by the due date.
VVSM is the local community-action group here in this district.

Their mammoth efforts did not go unnoticed.  The local MP, Bill Cash, was so impressed he devoted three-quarters of his column in last week’s Cheadle & Tean Times to praising the work done by VVSM.  He says he is totally behind what they are doing.  Praise indeed.

– –
Christmastime is here

There is an unusually rich crop of interesting Xmas & New Year events in the district over the next three weeks.

Our two churches are of course already into the spirit of things, each having carols by candlelight events and children’s special services and of course each has a ‘midnight service’ on Christmas Eve – though, sadly, there will be no Christmas Day service at St Margaret’s this year.

Chandni lights

Sadly, there are very few Christmas lights up in the village (at the time of writing), but at least the Chandni Cottage Restaurant seems to be in the spirit

We’re happy to say that the Draycott Christmas Tree Festival has been a success, and there is still a last chance to see it over the next few days.
Tickets are already selling fast for the Draycott Children’s Party too, as well as the two special dinner-dances in Cresswell!

All our pubs and restaurants have special Xmas menus of course, which are really worth checking out.
And live music fans are not ignored:  The Phoenix tell us they will do a “stormin’ party night” at The Izaak on New Year’s Eve.  A great way to see 2015 in.

For details of all these Xmas events and more, check out our What’s On page.

– –
“Halve your electricity bill” offer

It seems like door-to-door canvassers have been calling at certain houses in our area promoting the idea of solar panels.  The canvasser suggests that – so long as the householder allows solar panels to be put up on his or her house roof – the work will all be done for free and the panels would be maintained by the company for the next 25 years, also for free … leading to an immediate cut of as much as a half in annual electricity bills.
(The electricity created by the panels is sold to the main energy suppliers, under an environmentally-friendly scheme backed by the government).

Solar panels

This householder on Uttoxeter Road has chosen to have solar panels installed

It sounded too good to be true, so some of us looked into it.  Well, strangely, it seems to be all above board!
The ‘catch’ is that A-Shade-Greener, the company which has been canvassing in our area, takes a significant part of the profits from the electricity generated by the house’s solar panels – but the company says that that is their ‘payment’ for their investment, so it’s fair.
The consumer magazine Which did a special report on these kinds of offers and concluded that the householder could make more from such a venture if they do it themselves; but also admitted that the time and investment by the householder would have to be great.

However, as with any contract, it would be worth checking the small print before doing anything and also reading over any online discussions, but it seems it’s not as incredible a deal as it sounded at first.

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