NEWS: traveller site? / charity ‘recital’ / road petition / clerk tribute

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late December 2014
News of…:  Cresswell to host travellers’ site? / ‘Death Of Nelson’ fund-raising event / Uttoxeter Road petition collects 350+ signatures / get together for Mary Edwards …
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Travellers’ site for Cresswell?

This week’s edition of the Cheadle Post has something of an exclusive for the paper.  It reveals that it has managed to obtain some previously confidential documents of Moorlands District Council meetings.
These documents reveal which places across the district are being considered for future traveller/gypsy sites: as well as two in Blythe Bridge and one in Forsbrook, a parcel of land in Cresswell is also on the list.

According to The Post, the ‘former site of Cresswell Railway Station’ is being considered, a description which could mean the overspill car-park by the level crossing, which is near where the old signal box stood, or it could mean further along the line, near Railway Cottages.  It’s not clear.

Old signal box at Cresswell crossing

The old signal box, which used to stand by the Cresswell crossing (pic: Ben Brooksbank)

The Moorlands District Council is in a quandary, as it does have an obligation to provide traveller sites – but it faces objections to most of its preferred choices.
The council seems to be opting for smaller locations though – ones holding perhaps only three or four caravans – which might be why the one here in our locality looks attractive to them.

It’ll be interesting to see what the reaction is.

– –
Give us an island

Last week’s Draycott Parish Council meeting heard that the petition asking for a pedestrian island somewhere in the middle of Uttoxeter Road (probably near Stuart Avenue) collected nearly 400 signatures, nearly all of which came from Draycott residents themselves.
It is of course a very busy, wide and open road there; and, despite there being a speed limit of 40mph right up until the A50, the fact is that traffic really does bomb along there. During rush hours, crossing the road can be quite hazardous.
The same report indicated that well over a thousand vehicles an hour pass along that stretch.

The petition will eventually be handed on to our district councillor, Mark Deaville, with the hope that he will take it along to the county council highways people.

(As we’ve already reported, Councillor Deaville is also working on the speed limit on the stretch past The Draycott Arms (from Cresswell Old Lane to St Mary’s Court), reduced from 40mph to 30mph.)

– –
Nelson tribute goes down well

The Wednesday night pub quiz at the Izaak Walton Inn raises money both for the local First Responders and for a fund to install a public-access defibrillator in the village.
It’s proving very successful in doing both – the defibrillator fund, organised by the VVSM community group, now stands at over £600, which is more than halfway toward the target.

The defibrillator fund was boosted this week by a sum over £60, collected in response to a very special event.   As a one-off, the forty people in the pub were all treated, at the quiz interval, to a rendition of the poem ‘The Death Of Nelson’.

Roger reciting

Roger recites the ‘alternative’ account of The Death Of Nelson

Whether Nelson himself would have approved of this particular poem, we doubt, as you can judge from this couplet:
The bullet pierced his heart, and Nelson fell down with a shout.
“Kiss me Hardy!” he whispered aloud (because there was no one nicer about).

Thanks very much to the reciter, a well-known member of the Cresswell Speed Watch team, whom we shall always think of from now on as … ‘jolly Roger’!

– –
Mary’s farewell

As we now all know, Mary Edwards has handed over the reins, as parish council clerk, to Kate Bradshaw.

Mary had been in post for nearly forty years – and has seen the transition from typewriter & tippex to computer & internet.  She has also observed the huge changes in the way that parish councils are being asked to work… so it really was the end of an era when she decided to step down.

However, decades of service like that should not go unrewarded, so it’s good to hear that there will be a special event in her honour, and a presentation, in early January.
She deserves it.

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5 responses to “NEWS: traveller site? / charity ‘recital’ / road petition / clerk tribute

  1. Perhaps someone else can take a lead on this? I need a rest from all the work that it involves :0(
    Jacquie Leach (VVSM)


  2. VVSM (Very Very Silly Moaners) OR NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)?
    NO to new homes, new jobs, … and travellers! (Are shrews on the wildlife board?)
    Bless Father David for a positive view about Mass!


    Editor’s Note:
    Dear Anon, as far as we are aware, VVSM has not commented on the idea of a possible travellers’ site in Cresswell – either for or against


    • Unfair to travellers

      Dear Anon, You have certainly jumped to the wrong conclusion here.
      I find the fact that a travellers’ site has been suggested so close to the railway line as unfair to the travelling community and their families. I have friends who are travellers.
      Sites are often put in dreadful places: I have seen one under a motorway fly-over where children were unable to sleep because of the noise. This would have the same affect and it would be so dangerous.

      So Anon, get your facts right before you make a comment :0)



  3. Travellers near church

    It would be very unusual to have a Traveller Site in such a prominent and central position… but at least they would be near us for mass!
    Father David


  4. Well, we have the problems with the industrial/residential site – and how would this go down with potential buyers for the proposed housing accommodation and the industrial extension?
    Don’t think many would want to know, and it would also devalue property prices even more.
    As for Forsbrook – where do they propose to accommodate the travellers site? Is this again is one for VVSM in conjunction with Forsbrook? …. sorry Jacquie/Shelagh!
    Any support I can give – I will be here.
    Very best wishes for a successful outcome.
    Maureen Myers


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