Are you able to vote in May?

The biggest election-day for many a year comes up in a few months when voters get to decide, all on one day, not only who their local MP is to be, but also their local councillors (including both district and parish councillors).

This has been brought home to all of us by the ‘Democracy Day’ programmes running across the BBC today all about the value of our representative style of government.  These programmes mark the 750th anniversary of the first ever elected assembly in this country.


So, maybe this week is a good time to check if your voting rights are still in order – or to register to vote if you are not sure if they are sorted.International Day of Democracy logoIn fact it’s a doubly good time to check, as, last year, voter-registration changed; and instead of the head of the household being responsible for doing the registering for an address, every individual is now responsible for their own registration.
We did the registration online today – and it’s incredibly simple, taking just two minutes to complete the process.  All you need to have standing by is your National Insurance number.
To log on, just click this link.

To have a say in choosing your MP and local councillors in May, you do need to be registered to vote.
(If you have questions to ask about the process, you’ll find a helpful local guide here).

Standing in Draycott in the Moors

In May, we will be asked to cast our votes for one MP, our three Staffs Moorlands district councillors and our seven Draycott Parish councillors.

So, this is also the best time to be thinking about standing for election as a parish councillor.  (Parish councils have a valuable role in the government of our country, because they are the most ‘local’ political representatives.)
It’s not a difficult task – you only have to commit to attending regular meetings at the local church hall – but you do get to make important decisions about planning and the future of this community.  You also get the chance to put across ideas that you think could work for this village and to bring fresh ideas to the work of the council.

i-love-democracyYou don’t have to be ‘qualified’ or a member of a political party – ordinary individuals are what is wanted.  And even the residence-qualification is more relaxed than you’d think.

Have a think.
As they say: for democracy to work, it does need individuals to come forward.

If you want to know more, check the CPLAC website where some of the formalities are discussed.
And, if you then think it’s a role for you, email Kate Bradshaw, the Draycott Parish Clerk, for details of getting nominated.  You have a couple of months before the closing date.

Election Day is May 7th – and it’ll be here before you know it!


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