Coping with the snow

When I was young, snow didn’t seem to come that much.  I would remember about this I’m sure, as (sometimes, but not as often as I’d hope) snow meant no school – a red-letter day!
But we seem to get regular snowfalls these days.

St Margaret's church in snow

St Margaret’s church in snow

Ready for more winter?

Well, even if we aren’t, it seems like the authorities are.  There are some very useful pages on their various websites with information on what to do in this bitter weather.
There’s information on a range of things – from keeping warm to gritters.

The Staffordshire Moorlands Council ‘winter page’ is good for links to charities among other information.
Staffordshire County Council’s ‘winter conditions page’ has a lot about gritting and safer driving.
And the council’s ‘Ice Busters page’ explains how local volunteers who want to ensure their communities function properly during poor conditions can work with the authorities.

The best and easiest thing one can do of course for one’s neighbours is to clear the snow from the pavements outside one’s house; the ‘Ice Busters page’ has advice on how best to do this, as does the Met Office Snow-Clearing page

Join the I-Busters!

Ice-Busters (Staffordshire) is the name of a scheme under which parish councils and local community groups are being asked to set up teams of volunteers to get out and grit selected pavements in the event they turn slippy.
To apply to be on one of those teams, contact the Draycott Parish Council or a local community action group.
To apply so that your pavement is one of the selected ones, contact the Draycott Parish Council.

Talking of pavements and so on, it’s very true that each year people slip and fall on ice, so the best thing is to stop the ice forming.
One can either use the grit from our public grit-bins for this purpose; or clear the ice oneself with a shovel.

There are grit-bins in Church Lane (the road to St Margaret’s), in Stuart Avenue, and on Sandon Lane (by The Hunter Pub) and a salt-bin just inside the gates of St Mary Catholic Church in Cresswell.
But remember …  the grit in them is only for use on public highways and pathways, not for private drive-ways.

Good luck to us, one and all!

Can you think of any other actions we might take in this bad weather?

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One response to “Coping with the snow

  1. VVSM volunteered for Ice Busters 2 years ago; and were told that we would get a grit bin on Sandon Road in Cresswell. We are still waiting!!!!
    I have emailed district Councillor Deaville so many times but still not received a reply.
    Sandon Close has a grit bin, and Parish Councillor Pauline Clarke and her husband grit the close.
    Unfortuntaely once you get on to Sandon Road there is nothing even though volunteers have come forward. The pavements are treacherous going down to the lay by where people want to post letters, read the Parish Council Noticeboard and use the community-kiosk.
    People could really help us by writing or emailing Councillor Deaville.
    Does any one know if there are any Ice Buster teams functioning? If you do could you let us (Jacquie or Shelagh) know.

    SEE UPDATE: Strange action by council


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