NEWS: youth future / wind turbine – yes / campaigner’s death / woman bitten by dog

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early February 2015
News of…:  what next for Draycott’s youth club? / wind turbine allowed on appeal / school campaigner passes away / the mysterious new BTelecom box …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a Valentine’s Ball. Check out the Events page!)

– –
Future of youth

The future of our youth club will come under the microscope in a couple of weeks, at a meeting on February 22nd.
Both Draycott’s youth club (the weekly Mish-Mash Club) and its Sunday School are run by St Margaret’s Church, but sponsorship is needed for the former, and there have been falling numbers at the latter.
So – what is to be done?  And does anybody new want to get involved?  Those are the questions…

If you are interested in this field of work, then the meeting will also be an opportunity to meet the new youth worker, who was appointed after Chrissi Thompson left.
Mick Smith has been working with kids for over ten years now – though he still makes time to play cricket when he can! Mick’s contract is until the end of October, though one hopes further funding can be found.
The meeting takes place on Sunday 22nd February at St Peter’s Church in Forsbrook, after the 10am service.  See details

– –
Bringing back kids’ football

At the other end of Draycott, in Tean, you’ll find another opportunity for youth.
Richard Amos, who is well known in local football circles, wants to see junior football re-established in the area, so he is holding soccer training sessions for local boys and girls every Saturday morning.
The idea is to get the youngsters so enthusiastic that it may be possible to form teams to play in boys’ and girls’ leagues from next season.

If you are a parent of a child from 8 years to 17 years, why not contact Richard and find out more? You can phone him on 01538 722578 or contact him by email.

Incidentally, it’s good to see that Checkley Parish Council are fully behind the project.  It would be nice to see similar enthusiasm in Draycott.

– –
Facebook queries…

If you’re a fan of Facebook, you may want to take a glance at the Draycott & Cresswell Facebook page.  Lots of snippets of local interest appear there, and so far it has nearly fifty ‘friends’.  Anyone can join, and then can post their own thoughts and/or photos.

On  there you’ll currently find people talking about the recent local appearance of an uncontrollable stray dog which bit someone, and also the latest on the mysterious BT box which has been suddenly been installed on the Cresswell lay-by.

– –
Wind turbine – backed on appeal!

After the shock news that 2014 was the hottest year on record, not just in Britain, but across the world, there seems to be a real feeling that something must be done to combat climate change – and so ‘green technologies’ seem to be getting more support.

This could be why the application for a wind-turbine at Fields Farm on Draycott Cross has now been allowed on appeal.  It was originally approved anyway by our parish council, but was then turned down by Moorlands District Council.
However, Fields Farm decided to appeal; and took their case to the Planning Inspectorate – which found eventually in their favour.

– –
Mandy Shenton

Finally, there is the sad news of the death of Mandy Shenton, who has died prematurely young.
Many will remember her as one of the tireless workers in the campaign to try to keep Draycott Manor School, the local primary school, from closing.  Her sons attended the school.

The campaigners’ efforts were in vain though; and the school was closed in August 2006, following a merger which resulted in the creation of William Amory Primary in Blythe Bridge.
The school’s old buildings are now used by Draycott Moor College.

Her son Frankie will run in this year’s London Marathon in order to raise money for ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’, and as a tribute to his mother.

As a matter of interest, there is still a Draycott Manor County Primary School page on Friends Reunited .

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