NEWS: closures / over-60s lunches / silence on issues / bats / walk!

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid February 2015
News of…:  changes for Draycott Arms / Izaak to go dark / silence on traveller-site and mobile library issues / bats at Huntley Wood / concert and guided walk this weekend …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a Local Guided Walk.  Check out the Events page!)

– –

Suddenly, there are a series of unwelcome departures in and around this area.

Down at the Draycott Arms pub, John and Deryn Ford have finally decided that the pub-business is no longer for them, and they are selling up.  We understand that a buyer is confirmed and that, if the process all goes according to plan, John & Deryn will be leaving before the end of March.
It’s a lovely community pub, so it’s nice to know that it will remain open for a long time to come, even if it possibly changes hands!
You may want to go down and buy the couple a last drink over the coming weeks.

Draycott Arms

Draycott Arms

Meanwhile, a little further away, the rumours about the post office in Tean have sadly come true. The village’s post office closes today (Wed). The question is: will it ever re-open?
And, over in Blythe Bridge, it has been announced that the Co-op & Britannia Bank is also to close later this year.

We thought that the one bright spot in the gloom was that the Izaak Walton Pub is keeping afloat. After all,  a new scheme has been introduced at the pub for over-60s:  you can get a two-course ‘Seniors’ Lunch’ at the venue any weekday for £6.95.
However, the latest update is that the Izaak Walton too is going to be closed shortly – for a ‘temporary period’ we’re told.  But, how long is ‘temporary’?

– –
Silent council

We went down to the parish council meeting the other night expecting there to be some discussion on two issues currently on local people’s minds: the revelation that Cresswell is on a list of locations for a possible travellers site; and the fact that Draycott’s mobile library service is under threat.

Over in Werrington (another place which is marked on the possible travellers sites list), the parish council there has organised public debates, got some 2000 residents involved, and even brought in the local MP. See Sentinel report.
However, at our local Draycott Parish Council, when the question was raised by a councillor the matter was immediately dismissed by the chairman.
One wonders why – it would seem likely to be something of public interest after all!

As for the problems being faced by our village’s mobile library service… they were not even mentioned at all.

– –
More bats!

Even though it is the ‘quiet time’ for the Huntley Wood Outdoor Centre at Draycott Cross, work still continues as the place gets ready for the new season.

Bat box at Huntley Wood

Bat box at Huntley Wood

One of the main aims of the owners is to maintain and encourage the wildlife of the park, and it’s good to hear that, as part of this objective, more bird-boxes and bat-houses are going up all over the woods.
The bat-houses are made from off-cuts of oak left over from the building work, and will encourage bats to breed.

– –
Out and about this weekend

Don’t forget two interesting events taking place this weekend…

On Saturday night, there is The SMDC Chairman’s Charity Concert (featuring the Phoenix Singers) at Great Wood Hall Community Centre in Tean.
The SMDC Chairman at the moment is of course our very own district councillor – Colin Pearce – and he says it will be a great night.

The following day (Sunday 22 February), local lad Austin Knott leads a walk around Cresswell & Fulford, and he guarantees us lots of fresh air!  It’s free – all you have to do is turn up at 10am at Blythe Cricket Club, just up the road from the Izaak Walton Pub. The event is part of the Moorlands Healthy Walks Programme.

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4 responses to “NEWS: closures / over-60s lunches / silence on issues / bats / walk!

  1. Arms open for business

    So glad this website is here to keep us informed, I now know I have sold our pub, I wonder if our Solisitors have been informed? The Draycott Arms is open for business as usual, our customers are kept informed of any changes


    • Well said Deryn. Where would we be without the unbiased, public -spirited Cresswell mafia?!
      ps Solicitors has a ‘c’ not an ‘s’ in its midst!


    • Strange that ou are surprised by the stuff about the Arms. i was told that the pub’s owener told everybody all this at a public meeting. it is not a secret


  2. Parish council omissions

    Maybe it would have been helpful if the council’s ‘public participation slot’ was fully utilised regarding these omissions…..

    Thanks for your comment. To answer you…:
    The subject of the possible traveller-site was raised by a councillor, so there was no omission on that particular subject.
    As for the lack of debate on the mobile library, what we’re saying is that no councillor thought it worth raising the point. That just surprised us; that’s all.

    As for the way the public participation slot could be used, very few members of the public attend the council meetings – often it is just one or two people. These people do often raise points, but tight restrictions imposed by the council on the slot mean they cannot usually ask more than one question each.
    But, yes, I agree with your implication. If more people came along, more questions could be asked.


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