NEWS: proposals action / dole money / church good bye / tennis finals

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early March 2015
News of…:  further action on housing proposals / silence on traveller question / Draycott Dole tradition returns / curate leaves St Margaret’s / Draycott men reach tennis finals
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a local Women’s Institute Open Evening.  Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Action!… from some

Understandably, many people still find it unbelievable that the SMDCouncil Planning Committee decided to go against their own experts’ advice and vote for major development in Cresswell. As it stands at the moment, the population and the industry in Cresswell will more than double in the next few years.
A video of the proceedings, taken by a member of the public, shows the debate – click here to see that video.

However, Draycott’s local community action group VVSM has not let the grass grow under their feet!
Jacquie Leach, the group’s vice-chairperson, was interviewed by the Cheadle & Tean Times, and her letter of protest featured large on the newspaper’s letters-page this week.   VVSM, it seems, are determined to continue the fight.
One councillor on SMDCouncil, Linda Malyon, has come out in vociferous support of VVSM, and she also thinks there may yet be a chance to defeat the proposal.

As to what happens next: we are not sure!
It’s now out of local hands – it won’t be re-considerd by SMDC or even Staffordshire County Council>
There was a thought that,  because it is so controversial, it would have to be considered by the Government in London, which could decide to ‘call it in’, but we now hear that that is unlikely…
VVSM have told us that a judicial review may be the only way to overturn the SMDC decision.

The chairperson of VVSM, Shelagh Wood, has called a public meeting for this Friday (13th) evening at Draycott Church Hall.  VVSM will report back on an emergency meeting they had with our MP Bill Cash.
If you feel strongly about this proposal – one way or the other – you are urged to go along, say your piece, and help to get action moving.


One odd thing to observe has been the relative silence of many of our local councillors on some issues.

As we reported some weeks ago, Cresswell has been earmarked as a possible location for a small traveller/gypsy site.
In Werrington, which has been similarly earmarked, the parish council has organised large meetings and action. This past week, Forsbrook Parish Council, where there are two of the other possible locations, has also organised public consultations in Blythe Bridge and set up a petition website too.
However, our own Draycott Parish Council has been quiet on the issue so far.

To see a map of the possible locations of the traveller sites, including the Cresswell one, and the ones near Draycott Level and near Totmonslow, click here.

– – –
Goodbye – and good luck

Sad to say, but as expected, the assistant priest at St Margaret’s Church, John Pretty, has now left the area.
John had only recently completed his training, but family circumstances have compelled him and his wife Angela to have to leave the place they love.

Revd John Pretty

The Revd John Pretty, at last year’s Draycott Fayre

Clearly, Angela, who was a deputy warden at the church, and John will be missed – not least because the rector, David Bickersteth, is also leaving St Margaret’s in a few weeks when he retires. The next twelve months will be a difficult one for St Margaret’s, without any clergy, as nobody has yet been chosen to replace either of them.

If you never got a chance to say our goodbyes, don’t worry.   John and Angela return for a small farewell party in three weeks time. (See St Margaret’s website for details)

– – –
It is good to receive… on Mother’s Day

Being as it is Mother’s Day next weekend, there are the usual offers flying around. The Gandhi Restaurant, at the southern end of Cresswell, is offering a six-course meal on the day for £14.99.
Well, after six courses, at least no-one will need to eat (or cook) for the rest of the day…!

Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday, as it should properly be known) is also known in Draycott-in-the-Moors for the ancient tradition of the ‘Draycott Dole’.
Five hundred years ago, the then rector of the church left enough money in his will to enable an annual gift of money to go to the needy of the parish; and the money is always given out on this day.
Of course, nowadays, the money is (usually!) immediately put back into church funds – but it’s a nice custom, and is still strictly carried out.
To find out more about The Draycott Dole, click here.

– – –
Top at tennis – even in winter

Draycott Sports Centre’s men’s tennis team is one of the most successful in Staffordshire, so they decided a few years ago to compete in the National Premier League (NPL) winter-season as well.
The good news is that this year, they have made the national finals of the league!

After playing against clubs across the Midlands – including Leicester, Derby, Sheffield and Milton Keynes – Draycott managed to make the playoffs, during which the pair of Craig Leese & Elliot Farmer defeated all-comers, to make the finals.

These finals take place in Sunderland on the 9th & 10th April.
Craig, who is also club captain, said: “The team are going to be training harder than ever to play in these matches, which will feature some players with international rankings…  Thanks so much to the other players – Elliott Farmer, Jack Redfern, Andy Cresswell, Matt Chandler and Ryan Hallam – who have brought us this far”.

Inevitably, the lads will be taking a coachload of supporters with them to Sunderland.   If you’d like to go along too, just contact the club.
If not, don’t forget you can follow the lads’ progress at the event on Draycott Sports Centre’s Twitter feed (@draycottfitness).

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3 responses to “NEWS: proposals action / dole money / church good bye / tennis finals

  1. God bless John & Angela

    Tony and Susan Forrester send you their very good wishes for your future Happiness
    God Bless you John & Angela

    Tony and Susan


  2. What next over plans?

    It is too late for the proposal to be “called in” by the Government but we are taking advice on calling a judicial review. We had a very productive meeting with Bill Cash today. There is a lot of work to do as we had 6 weeks (only 5 now!) to take action. We have a video of the SMDC meeting and lots of evidence; it’s just a matter of putting it together – and raising some finance.
    I have been in touch with the Environmental Law Foundation who could help us. We wrote to Prince Charles when we were fighting the Power Station a few years ago and received a letter with ELF’s contact details.

    The councillors that voted for this application should be made accountable for their actions. Friday’s meeting is extremely important and we need as many people there as possible !!!

    Jacquie Leach VVSM


  3. John & Angela Pretty

    I will miss you John and Angela.
    Good Luck :0)

    Jacquie Leach


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