The Norman home of the Draycotes

Hi – happy Easter!
Many of us have been spending the day out walking in the country, as Easter is traditionally the day to get walking-boots back on again.

This reminds us that there are lots of fascinating places round here to visit during the course of strolling around.
For example, on the Cresswell-Fulford guided walk led by local lad Austin Knott a few weeks ago, he led us to the remains of the ancient Hilderstone Moat, which would have surrounded a timbered house belonging to the local gentry around a thousand years ago.

Malbank moat at hilderstone

The remains of the ancient moat. The higher land beside it is where the manor house once would have stood

He said the manor house could well have belonged to the ancient family round here, the one going back to the Norman Conquest – the Malbank (or Malbanc) family, whose lands stretched into Draycott parish.  Hugh de Malbank, who received the land round here in the twelfth century, changed his name to Hugh de Draycote – and thus started the Draycott family.

However, was the building that was once here really the home of the Draycotes?  This theory still needs a few facts to back it up – so if you know where we can get the evidence, please let us know!
Other suggested sites for the home of the Norman Draycotes are Blithewood Moat in Checkley and even the Old Rectory in Draycott itself!
The Malbank family is remembered now by the fact that its biggest estates were in south Cheshire.

According to, there was an old chimney still standing there in 1986; and the site is known as ‘Chimney Pool’.  Apparently (they say) the ghost of a lady in white has been seen here…

Other easy Draycott Parish walks can be found by clicking here


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