2015 Election candidates

So… at last we know who the candidates are for our parliamentary constituency (Stone), district ward (the  Checkley ward of the Staffordshire Moorlands) and our parish council (Draycott-in-the-Moors) elections are to be.
On Thursday May 7th 2015, here in this district, we will be going to the polls, to elect: our MP; all of our three district councillors; and all seven of our civil-parish councillors.  There is no county-council election this year.


The nomination papers for our parliamentary constituency reveal that we will have a choice of a Tory, a Labour, a Lib Dem, a UKIP and a Green candidate.
That’s a nice, wide, fair choice and – unless you’re a supporter of a fringe party – represents as good a choice as most constituencies in the country have.
The incumbent, Bill Cash, is standing again.
To see all the nominations, and the names of those who seconded them, click here (opens as a pdf document)

Checkley Ward

The nomination papers for the candidates for our ward on Staffordshire Moorlands District Council show that there are seven candidates (out of which we have to elect three): three Tories, two Labour and two Moorlands Democratic Alliance.
The three councillors who have held this ward in the last four years are standing again for re-election.
To see all the nominations, and the names of those who seconded them, click here (opens as a pdf document)

Draycott Parish

The biggest surprises come in the list of candidates for Draycott Parish (which includes Cresswell & Totmonslow).
Only four of the previous councillors are standing for re-election; there are nine candidates in all on the list.
Tony Fletcher, the current chairman of the council, has decided to stand down, and the loss of his experience will be a blow.  Jane Meller and John Ford, who both have renewed commitments to other ventures in the district, have also decided not to seek re-election. We wish them luck.
There will therefore be a lot of ‘fresh blood’ when the new council meets after the election.
To see all the nominations, and the names of those who seconded them, click here (opens as a pdf document). Also, see full list of contestants at the 2015 parish election

This website is, as usual, asking all candidates to the parish to outline their manifestos; and we will then publish them for you to look at.  See candidates’ maifestoes

A month of campaigning

So… onwards & upwards – and may the best candidates win!


2015 election information

For information about our Parliamentary MP constituency (Stone) – click here   (for information on previous elections, click here)

There are three district-council seats in our ward (the  Checkley ward of the Staffordshire Moorlands).  To check who the candidates are, click here

There are seven parish council seats in all for the Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council.
(A parish council is the most local of all government in this country; it is nothing to do with a church…  To find out exactly what a parish council is and does, click here)


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