NEWS: election update / sad loss / delay at Arms / planning hots up

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early-May 2015
News of…:  parish candidates election appeals / bereavement in Catholic community / when will superfast arrive? / delays at The Draycott Arms / good news for VVSM community action group…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a VE Day celebration. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Big build-up

Only a few days to go now – Election Thursday is almost upon us. As you know, electors will have the chance to vote in one MP, three district councillors and seven parish councillors. Click here for details of the candidates for each poll.

Meanwhile, the candidates for the parish council seats have been busy, putting out leaflets and talking to voters.
Five of the candidates for the Draycott parish council (which also covers Cresswell and Totmonslow) have even published their ‘candidate statements’ online – click here to see what they have to say about why local electors should vote for them.

– – –
Sad loss

However, the news from St Mary’s Catholic Church reminds us that there are even more important things in life than general elections.

Neville Mountford

Neville Mountford

We were saddened to hear of the deaths of Neville Mountford and John Toft, two long-standing stalwarts of the local Catholic community, who were both very active within it until very recently.

Neville was the go-to person at the church for its history and for stories of the priests & parishioners down the years, while John, who was resident at Izaak Walton Farm (next to the pub) for many years, was also a very familiar face. Neville particularly was looking forward to the Cresswell Church’s 200th Anniversary celebrations next year – and had been helping organise them.
Both were great people; and we send our condolences to their families.

– – –
Sir Bill steps in

Both John and Neville did not think much of the recent planning approval by the Staffs Moorlands Council, which will see the size of Cresswell’s housing stock & industry double.
The whole project is in a temporary hiatus while a government case-officer reviews the implications.

The VVSM community group are still working away behind the scenes to try to ensure that the case-officer has all the facts he needs.
So it’s congratulations to them for keeping up contacts with Sir Bill Cash, who is now one of the candidates for this parliamentary constituency. Sir Bill recently phoned the group’s vice-chairperson to say how much he supported them in their endeavours, and to tell them that he is demanding that the whole project be ‘called-in’.
For more on what this all means – click here

– – –
Super… what?

There is some confusion about what exactly the situation is with the ‘Superfast Broadband’ connection that the village has been promised.
A new green cabinet was installed in Cresswell lay-by a couple of months ago, and, when we spoke to the engineers, they said the broadband should be flowing from it by April.
Well, nothing doing yet, it appears!

Tean broadband

However, congratulations to Tean, whose superfast connection went live two weeks ago.
It will be our turn soon, we hope.

– – –
The thirst goes on

The new owners at The Draycott Arms say the refurbishment at the pub will take longer than they had hoped for – so the opening date has had to be put back by two weeks, to Friday 12th June.

Draycott Arms door

With the Izaak Walton remaining closed (and the owners Mornington Pubs not still telling us what their immediate intentions are), the only official pub open in the neighbourhood is The Hunter in Cresswell.
Of course, you can still get a drink at the cricket ground at the weekends and at the Sports Centre most evenings (no membership required at either venue) if you don’t want to make the trek down to The Hunter….

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