Election 2015 results in Draycott

Well – it’s pretty much ‘as you were’.
All the sitting candidates locally got back in, though, because there were ‘vacancies’ on the parish-council, some new faces do appear there.
Our neighbourhood of Draycott-in-the-Moors (including Cresswell &  Totmonslow) didn’t experience any surprises – unlike the UK as a whole…

Member of Parliament

Sir Bill CashOn such a night as that one was, there could only be one winner as MP for our area – the Tory incumbent, Sir Bill Cash (left).
He took the Stone parliamentary constituency with a staggering 55% of the vote, with the Labour and UKIP candidates lagging way behind him, and the rest out of sight.

District Councillors

mark deaville No change here either – as the three incumbent Conservatives got back in.  Continuing to represent us on Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, for the Checkley District Ward, will be Mark Deaville (left), Colin Pearce and David Trigger.
Of the three, Mark lives in Draycott parish, so he takes a certain responsibility for its interests on SMDC.   Mark is also a Staffordshire County councillor and a Draycott parish councillor.
The Conservatives did so well on the night in this part of the world that they will now run Staffordshire Moorlands with an outright majority.

Parish Councillors

Steve JonesAgain, no real surprises.  The four sitting councillors, Gordon Winfield,  Pauline Clarke, Mark Deaville and Roger Tabbernor all got in pretty easily.  Of the newcomers, Steve Jones (left) polled surprisingly well, coming third in the overall vote.  The two other new faces are Jacquie Leach (who is also vice-chair of the VVSM Action group) and Roger Holdcroft.  Congratulations to them all!
The two candidates who failed to make the finishing line were Pat McLaughlin and Lee Stanford.
The turnout in Draycott parish was almost 70%, which makes it higher than the national average (66%).
None of the new councillors stood under a party label for the parish council elections except Mark Deaville who stood as a Tory.   They will all take their seats at the Annual General Meeting on Monday 18th May, when a new chairman will also be elected.

For full results and facts – for district and parishes – click here

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5 responses to “Election 2015 results in Draycott

  1. Finding fault

    I trust that ‘Frank’ from the election statements page will pass his eye over these “thank you for voting for me” statements, especially with his observation of “The other thing that astounded me was the amount of bad grammar and spelling mistakes on the leaflets received, especially when two candidates tell us that they are teachers with many years experience! in mind”.
    But of course it is possible that he only makes judgements where he wants to find fault. There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see.


  2. Thanks from Jacquie

    Can’t wait to work with you Steve and Roger and Pauline.
    Thank you also to everyone who voted for me and for the encouragement to stand for both Parish and District council. I couldn’t have done it without you :0)
    P.S Apologies for not getting on to the district council though!


  3. Thanks from Roger

    Thanks for your votes in the Parish Council Election, I appreciate your support.
    Roger Holdcroft


  4. Thanks from Pauline Clarke

    I would like to thank the residents who gave their vote to me in the Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council election.
    I will continue to work in the best interests of all the residents living within our Parish. Thank you.
    Pauline Clarke


  5. Thanks from Steve Jones

    I’m pleasantly surprised with my result!
    So a big thank you to my wife, family and friends for canvassing, and all those who voted for me and indeed everyone who turned out on the 7th May 2015 – great participation for Draycott parish as a whole.
    Steve Jones


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