NEWS: party politics / rabbits / new solar farm / new car park

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-May 2015
News of…:  Why rabbits aren’t welcome at church / a consultation meeting with residents over proposed solar farm / a new car park for college? / why party politics are part of parish councils now…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a Cup game for Blythe Cricket Club. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Parish parties

Reading through the results of all the parish council elections in the Moorlands, Draycott PC is obviously the odd one out of the pack.
It seemed that nearly all town and parish council members now identify themselves with a party-political label, and there are even ‘political majorities’ on many councils now.
In the old days, parish councils used to be politics-free zones.

It seems then that Draycott is going to be one of the last parish councils where party-politics will not play a part.   In fact, only one of the candidates for our parish council, Mark Deaville, was standing on a party ticket (Conservative).

What’s your opinion? Do you think our parish council should try to remain non-party-political, or should it accept the way things are changing?
Use the comments box at the bottom of the page if you have views.

– – –
Solar energy date

It looks like this district could have its second solar farm soon if a new proposal is accepted.
Lat year, an application for a solar farm at Newton (between Cresswell and Totmonslow) went through with virtually no opposition, and it is now well-established, and up-and-running.

Newton solar panels view

From a distance, the solar panels at Newton look like a lake…

These sorts of projects basically consist of a number large solar panels placed in a field to gather the sun’s energy; and then underground cables take the electricity away to the main grid. Such projects are part of the drive for ‘green fuel’.

The new plans are for a 52-acre site on Fields Farm, just off Cheadle Road at Draycott Cross.
Residents will have a chance to make their minds about how they feel about the idea if they go along to the consultation meeting on Thursday 21st May from 4.15pm to 8pm, at William Amory Primary School in Blythe Bridge.
The developers will be there to explain the details.

– – –
Parking bliss again?

Residents in Draycott Old Road will be cheering when they hear that Draycott Moor College has put in a planning application to build a car-park in the grounds of the school site.

Why? Well, lots of problems have been reported concerning narrow access along that road because of all the cars parked there by the college’s teachers, supervisors, and staff. Add to those vehicles all the cars that residents themselves want to park there, and it can become difficult.

The college promised a while ago they would put in these plans, and it’s good to see they kept their promise.

– – –
Rabbits are not always cute

Anyone who has visited the graveyard at St Margaret’s Church recently will have noticed a new sign that has recently been installed.

Anti rabbits sign

Anti rabbits sign (to see this photo larger, double-click it; then press back-button to return)

The churchyard is, apparently, plagued with rabbits chomping through the flower offerings among other things.

The church wardens are pleading with residents not to encourage the rabbits. As you can see from the notice, they want relatives to place particular kinds of plants/flowers – ones that will drive the rabbits away, such as red-hot pokers (which doesn’ surprise us!).  All these anti-rabbit plants may even cause the little critters to abandon the churchyard for good.
We’ll see.

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