NEWS: solar farm / mobile library / Pointon paints / tennis day

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early June 2015
News of…:  solar farm coming? / uncertain future for mobile library / Rob Pointon paints the gardens / familiar tennis look  …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a tennis-for-all open day. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Solar panels on the horizon

There has been quite some interest in a proposal by a renewable-energy firm to put up a ‘solar farm’ on fields at Draycott Cross.  Last week around fifty people went along to a presentation by the firm to learn more about it.

What’s proposed at this stage (though no formal application has yet been tendered) is that a large number of solar panels will be erected across some thirty hectares of farmland.  The electricity they generate will be transferred to the National Grid.
Residents have been chatting about this already on the village Facebook page – see Draycott on Facebook.

The company, Solstice Renewables, tell us that opinions at the presentation were divided, with some people pleased to see a green energy initiative in the district, but with others concerned about its effect on the look of the landscape.

If you want to make up your own mind, follow these links…
To see more about the proposal, click here
To see more about how it will look and how our community might be affected, click here

– – –
Mobile library under threat

As we predicted, Draycott’s mobile library service is being targeted for the axe.
Staffordshire County Council, which runs the service, wants to make cuts across the board, and the library’s users should prepare themselves for the worst.
The authority says that less than 1% of the population of Staffordshire now uses the mobile library.

Mobile library in Draycott

Mobile library stops by the Draycott Arms/St Margaret’s Court

The mobile library comes round here once every three weeks, stopping at Stuart Avenue and St Margaret’s Court.   It’s a particular boon for older people who can’t get over to the branch library at Blythe Bridge too easily.
It is true of course that the service is not well-used here in Draycott, but then it’s not very well publicised either…

The initial proposals have already been published (click here to see them) and there will be a consultation period in July and August.

– – –
Rob’s on his easel again

We’re told that the present spell of uneven weather will alter in mid-week and it will be a really sunny June.  If that’s true, no-one will be more pleased than local lad Rob Pointon, who has a big event this weekend.

Rob was raised in Draycott (his mum Janet still lives here), so he’s hoping a few neighbours and friends will go along this Saturday & Sunday to the ‘Wildacres’ property in Consall (ST9 0BE) which has some terrific wild-flower and wildlife-friendly gardens in its grounds.

Rob Pointon at wildacres

Rob Pointon at wildacres

Rob has developed a skill in speed-painting and he has been furiously daubing canvases of the changing scenes in the gardens.  His twelve new paintings will be for sale when the gardens are opened up for visitors as part of a charity drive for the Moorlands NSPCC branch.
You don’t have to buy a painting of course; you can just go along to enjoy the gardens and the cream-teas!  However, if you are acquainted with Rob, he says he hopes you’ll stop by and say hello.
For more details, click here.

– – –
Tennis open day

Another event this weekend takes place on the Sunday (7th).
As part of the  Great British Tennis Weekend Project, Draycott Sports Centre will be putting on introductory tennis sessions for juniors and adults.

We often forget that Draycott is one of the major tennis clubs in north Staffordshire; so it comes as no surprise to hear the Draycott Men’s Team, the 2014 champions, are once again leading the pack in the the City & Suburban Tennis League.
So… if you really are interested in tennis as a sport for you, Draycott is just about the best place to be in this whole region!

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