Stick it up for Draycott Fayre

It’s really not very long now until Draycott’s Big Weekend, on the 11th & 12th July, when the village summer fayre festivities take place – and thousands of people will be flooding into the parish.

The money raised, as you will probably know, goes straight into the maintenance costs of our ancient village church of St Margaret’s, which dates back to the thirteenth century (at least!).
Which is why there is always a need for more and more publicity – and you can help.  Would you put up a poster in your window?  Or ask friends to put posters in their windows?  … or both?

If you have a printer at home, all you have to do is print out the posters and hand them round.  There are two main posters – one for the fayre itself, and one for the warm-up event on the Saturday night.
All you have to do is click here, and you will be guided to a webpage where you’ll find the posters in ‘pdf’ form.
Print some out – as many as you like – and hand them round…

You can be of special help if you know someone living in Blythe Bridge or Tean – or Cheadle … or anywhere! – who might put a poster up in their window too.


The warm-up event for the fayre is going to be just terrific!    On the Saturday night (July 11th), there will be a family disco and rock band in the large marquee on Highfield Farm field (where Uttoxeter Road and Draycott Old Road meet).

The band on the night are called ‘Bullitt Stoke’ – as they are huge Steve McQueen fans and are based in … Stoke!  Interestingly, their lead vocalist is a fellow called Mr Pig, but whether that is his real name or not, we really don’t know.
The band have been around for almost ten years, playing the pubs in the area and getting a great reaction with their repertoire of covers of the hits of rock, pop, new-wave, indie, blues… and more …

Bullitt warm up...

Bullitt warm up…

If you want to find out more, they have posted videos of themselves in action on their Facebook page.

It should be a terrific night, with tickets at £5 on the door (£4 in advance).
And what is this year’s bonus surprise?  Well, for this event, all accompanied children (i.e. under-16) get in free!   Now… that’s what we call a bargain.


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