NEWS: historian death / nature photos / advertising opp / history walks

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late July 2015
News of…:  death of Father Bailey / Darren’s startling wildlife photos / two local history walks in July / want to advertise your local business? …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including an open mic night. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Cresswell historian

Older residents may well remember Father Philip Bailey (SCJ) who came to Cresswell St Mary’s Catholic church in the 1960s, when he worked alongside Father Meagher.
He had retired to a home in the north of England, where he died only two months ago, aged 87.

Father Philip BaileyFather Bailey (pic right) had a restless mind and, when he arrived here, he set about researching and writing the history of Catholicism in this area.  Cresswell & Painsley has a long history of inhabitants who had never left ‘the old faith’, not to mention having one of the oldest Catholic churches in the country (built 1816), so he had a lot of rich material to work with!
He completed his History of Cresswell’s Roman Catholic Community in 1973 and published it himself.

He was a good friend to this website in the last two years, and helped out with a number of history questions from us, despite being in failing health.  He always wrote in long-hand, and sent his letters by post, saying that email was not for him!

Father Bailey had been a priest for over sixty years, and had hoped to live long enough to see the two-hundredth anniversary celebrations at Cresswell, which take place next year.
Sadly, it was not to be.

– – –
Walk around history

Talking of history, here’s a reminder that next Tuesday (July 7th) sees the first of two local history walks, organised and led by Lev Wood, the secretary of the Blythe Bridge History Society.
The (very short walk) from the church  to the Draycott Arms and Brookside, before returning back to the church, will commence at 7.30pm on both nights, with people asked to gather on the rear church car park at St. Margaret’s. Stout shoes required.
Guests attending the walk will be charged £2.50, and can have a walk handout for an additional £2.  Some of this fee will go as a donation to St Margaret’s Church.  A visit inside the church will be included…

If you can’t make it this Tuesday, there will a repeat experience on Friday 31st July.

Lev tells us: “I intend to cover the history of the village from Saxon to pre-industrial revolution times around 1800.  Some of what I say will be a little controversial – by debunking a few myths that have grown up over the years. For instance, I shall re-examine the story of the Draycotts and their links to Paynsley Hall; and also will be identifying the so called ‘Crusader’ Knight in the side-chapel at the church.

Draycott Chapel

What secrets of the Draycott Chapel will we learn?

Murder, mystery and treason are but a few of the issues I will be discussing!”
Sounds like it could be exciting…

– – –
Nature in its glory

The perfect recent weather has created great conditions for photographers of local fauna and flora.  Local resident Darren Wood is a dab hand with a camera; and, fortunately for us, has been sharing a lot of his photos on the Draycott & Cresswell Facebook page.
His latest, really fantastic photos remind us all just why we live here!

If you too want to join the village Facebook page, it’s easy.  Just go to the page, and click the ‘join’ button (which you will see on the banner photograph).

– – –
Advertising boards

You may have noticed that Blythe Cricket Club has recently put up a lot of new advertising boards along the fence which looks onto Cresswell Lane.   It’s a good way for businesses to advertise themselves, and raises some revenue for the club too.

Well, the Cresswell Martial Arts & Fitness ‘Dojo’ is also latching on to this idea, and is offering a number A1 advertising boards inside the main space, at £10 a month.  However, Tara tells us that she far-and-away would prefer that local companies take up the service, as it keeps that ‘intimate’ feel.
If you are interested, just inbox Tara on the dojo Facebook page.

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