NEWS: Hot gig / playground gone / Red vicar / crib success

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid July 2015
News of…:  Bullitt to do ‘hot’ gig / Draycott play-area to be paved over / new vicar is a Red / congrats to Hunter’s crib team …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a ‘Tropical’ Dance. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Hot gig from Bullitt

Well, if there is one just outdoor rock&pop event you should get along to this summer, it should be the Bullitt show this Saturday (July 11th) evening on Draycott Level.  The forecast is that the day is going to be a sizzler – and the evening will be warm and beautiful!!

Bullitt are a local covers band well-known for their rockin’ fun gigs, and will be supported by a disco and barbecue.  Everything takes place in the marquee on Highfields (which is the field where Draycott Old Road meets Uttoxeter Road).

The Bullitt show is of course the curtain-raiser for Draycott Fayre on Sunday, when it also looks like we’ll have a warm & dry afternoon (hurrah!).  If you don’t know the running-order of events during the fayre yet, just click here.

The timetable for the (free!) vintage double-decker bus, which is going on a loop around the local villages on Sunday picking up visitors (and taking them away again), has also just been published:
Upper Tean (opposite the Post Office) departures — 10.30, 11.25, 12.20, 14.10, 15.05, 16.00
Cresswell (from bus stop near Rookery) — 10.35, 11.30, 12.25, 14.15, 15.10, 16.05
Blythe Bridge (by railway station) — 10.45, 11.40, 12.35, 14.25, 15.20, 16.15
Draycott (by Fayre entrance) — 11.00, 11.55, 12.50, 14.40, 15.35, 16.30
Upper Tean (opposite the Post Office) arrivals — 11.20, 12.15, 13.10, 15.00, 15.55, 16.50

– – –
Red appointed as new rector

St Margaret’s Church has just announced who their new rector is to be.  Jonathan Roberts, who is currently serving as a curate in mid-Staffordshire, will replace Reverend David Bickersteth who retired at Easter time. He will officially take up his post in September, though he has promised to come along to the Fayre on Sunday – so we can all get an early look at him then…

Jonathan is fairly young as vicars go, being just in his forties, and was only ordained priest two years ago, being a teacher before that.
One passion apart from his faith is that he is a life-long Red (aka a Liverpool FC supporter) – it will be interesting to see how he gets on with our local Stoke City contingent!

By pure coincidence, local Methodists are also welcoming a new minister.  As Sue Preston takes her leave, she will be replaced at Blythe Bridge Church by Reverend Ian Coates, who comes to north Staffordshire from Lincolnshire.

– – –
Crib success

We must send our congratulations to Yvonne Juliff, who picked up a deserved award at the recent Blythe Bridge & District Cribbage League presentation evening.   Yvonne is a stalwart at The Hunter Pub (at the south end of Cresswell) – and the place wouldn’t be the same without her.
The Hunter’s team did very well at the Awards, with Bob Hargreaves accepting the League Cup award on behalf of all the players.

Sunset at the Hunter pub, Cresswell

A spectacular sunset behind the Hunter pub

If you’re interested in volunteering for the team for a weekly game of crib, just drop a line to The Hunter’s landlady, Stephanie Hulme.

– – –
Playground … going, almost gone

Staffordshire Moorlands Council has approved the plans from Draycott Moor College to build a car park on the play-area in its grounds.  The grassy play-area, which fronts on to Draycott Old Road, was used for years as a playground for the neighbourhood’s youngsters.

Draycott College play-area gates

Gates to the play-area.  No more will children play here

However, the college lent the facility to the community on the strict basis that it was locked and unlocked daily by a resident.
As you may know, Mr Will Smith used to open and lock it, until he died a few years ago.  Since then, no one has come forward to take on the task, and the parish council were unable to organise a rota.

On the other hand, some residents in Draycott Old Road will welcome the changes.  There were suspicions that older teenagers were congregating in the play-area for nefarious reasons; and the truth is that the new car-park will definitely relieve pressure on parking spaces in the road.  It will hold seventeen cars, and be used by staff and visitors.

Shame though.  The development means the only (official) common area left in the parish for children’s play is the green on Rookery Crescent.

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2 responses to “NEWS: Hot gig / playground gone / Red vicar / crib success

  1. A message to all Parishioners:
    I am proud and pleased to say that I have been asked to be involved in The Collation & Induction of Rev Jonathan Roberts as the new Rector of our Parish, on Sunday 27th September.
    I will, of course, represent you all in welcoming him to Draycott-in-the-Moors and wish him well.
    Roger Holdcroft (Chair Parish Council)


  2. Welcome, vicar!

    Best wishes to the new vicar and welcome to our parish.
    Roger Holdcroft(Chair Parish Council)


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