Six weeks of summer events

It’s going to be a busy couple of months coming up for anyone who likes getting out and about and enjoying themselves in this neighbourhood.

The Draycott Summer Fayre was terrific as usual, so that’s given the local summer a great boost already!, but still to come are three Open Days, a major sports tournament and two mini-festivals – and we want to draw your attention to them here.
Also on this page (but a bit further down the page) we are asking you for your photos of the Draycott Summer Fayre.

Six dates for your diary

*Wednesday 29th of this month sees a unique opportunity to walk round a solar farm, and see just what goes on. The Novus group, which runs the giant Lower-Newton Solar complex in Cresswell, is inviting all and sundry to come and see what they’ve been doing since they set up earlier this year.
However, you must book a place first – to find out how, see our What’s On page entry.

newton solar panels

Lower Newton solar-farm complex

*Saturday 1st August is when Draycott St Margaret’s Church throws open its doors to all visitors for its ‘open afternoon’.  This is your chance to walk round the ancient building, to see the famous tombs of the medieval knights, and take a look at the 800-year old wooden chest.  However, be careful to get there on time; the church will only be open 2pm-4pm.

If Wimbledon was exciting for you, you may want to get down to Draycott Sports Centre for their Annual Open Tennis Tournament which attracts players from all round the region.  It runs for a week – from August 9th to the 15th – and features quite a few categories, from juniors to seniors to doubles.
Spectators are welcome; and if it rains, well… there is a bar at the centre for those who would like to sit and wait comfortably.

Draycott Cider Festival leafletAugust Bank Holiday Monday (31st) is when the new owners at the Draycott Arms, Brayn and Zara, are putting on a fun family event – a ‘Cider & Sausage Festival’, in the pub’s beer garden.
There will be more than just food and drink through – a bouncy castle and live-music are also on the menu!

On Saturday September 5th, there will be the first-ever Open Day for the Huntley Wood Outdoor Centre up at Draycott Cross.  The centre specialises in hiring out its woods and facilities to ‘fantasy’ enactments, but also does survival courses and tackles ecological issues.
For most of us, it will be the first chance to see how the owners have totally transformed the old quarry into something more like a log cabin village, which uses modern environmentally-friendly systems in its construction.

Also on September 5th, don’t forget the terrific music-festival that is CloggerFest, at Blythe Cricket Club.  If everything follows the usual plan, there will be a bunch of young talented bands taking to the stage one after another out on the field – from the afternoon right up until the late hours.  There will be lots of dancing and merriment!
Click here to pick up the latest news of who’s playing and what’s going to happen.

St Margaret’s Fayre 2015

Sunday’s event was just great – a dry & warm day, with lots to do!  Congratulations to all the volunteers, once again brilliantly led by John Clarke.

The choice of a Sealed-Knot Civil War re-enactment group this year was inspired; and the ‘Cavaliers’ really joined in the family fun.  Sad to say for them, they were foolish enough to challenge the children of Draycott to battle … and they were roundly defeated, having to flee for their lives within minutes of the children’s charge!

Everyone will have their own favourite moment of the day, but for us it was the amazing feats of strength by local strong-man Fred Burton.  Fred is competing in the Record Holders Republic World Championship and was determined to break some ‘Guinness’ records… which he did.  Incredibly, he managed to carry a 56lb weight for fifty metres in 25 seconds – using just his little finger.  He then attempted the 100 metres in the same way, getting even faster (!) doing it in just 49.3 seconds.
His third feat was to carry the 56lb weight as far as he could – using just his teeth – and he managed 112 metres in 106 seconds.

Fred Burton celebrates his record-breaking achievements

Fred Burton celebrates his record-breaking achievements

It was amazing to watch.  Afterwards he told us that he has no secret to his strength.  He just thinks that healthy fitness habits learnt in his childhood have made him the adult he is.  That’s probably a good piece of advice for new parents to remember – i.e. start the kids off well, and they’ll finish that way!

One of the last-minute changes was to have a ‘real-ale’ at the bar, in the shape of Sharps Brewery’s Doombar beer.  Well done to the bar-tenders – Anita & Archie & Leigh – for serving a superb pint of it.

We will have a fuller report of the fayre when all the stats are in… but, would you help us out by letting us have your photos too?  Just email us a couple of your best ones if that’s okay, and we’ll put a gallery of photos up reflecting the breadth of all the day’s events.
If you can’t wait for photos, there is already a gallery of over fifty photos on the Fayre’s Facebook page – click here to start viewing them.


One response to “Six weeks of summer events

  1. Well done to John and all of the Fayre organisation team. A great event for the Church and the Parish.
    Roger Holdcroft (Chair Draycott Parish Council)


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