NEWS: more new housing / Facebooks / rectory for sale / newspaper delivery

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late July 2015
News of…:  suggested new housing sites in Draycott / more local Facebooks / want a newspaper delivered? / rectory for sale  …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a summer sports-camp for kids. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Even more homes to be built in Draycott

So… at last Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has announced its ideas about where new housing could be built in the area over the next twenty years.  The Moorlands needs to build another 3,500 new homes before 2026, not just to sustain the supply of homes for local people (as per its own Core Strategy), but to achieve the new government’s demanded quota.
Now this new set of proposals is looking even further ahead, to 2031.

You’d think that the proposed 170 homes on the Blythe Park site would see us in Draycott-in-the-Moors firmly past our quota, but in fact the village has to provide sites for a further twenty-five homes.
In the so-called Site Allocations Document, there are some dozen potential sites along Draycott Level (Cresswell and Totmonslow are excluded) that council officers have looked at already. So far, the planners only think one of these potential sites is really suitable – but, that still leaves the planners short of sites in Draycott, so they are still looking.

SMDC Site Allocation Plan

The SMDC Site Allocation Plan shows fourteen sites, in yellow, for housing in Draycott that have already been suggested.  Only one is thought totally suitable though.  (To double the size of this photo, double-click on it; and then use the back-button to get back to this page)

One site that does seem like it will definitely get into the ‘short-list’ is the field behind the bungalows of St Margaret’s Court Sheltered Housing complex.  Pundits say that this land, which is owned by the Church of England Diocese of Lichfield, is likely to have at least ten homes built on it soon.

Like us, you may be puzzled by all this!
Well, you can read up the proposals by going online (click here), or you can go along to the public consultation session at Blythe Bridge Village Hall next week, on Wednesday 29 July (4pm-8pm) – when council planning officers will be on hand to answer questions.

– – –
‘Big house’ for sale

The latest ‘big house’ up for sale in Draycott district is the so-called new rectory which lies on the east side of St Margaret’s Church.  It’s quite hard to get to by car, because it lies one hundred yards up an unmade road.  But, if you like a nice isolated situation, this is for you!

The house – properly called ‘The Old Vicarage’, for some strange reason – was originally built in the 1960s to house the clergy of St Margaret’s, with Reverend Dr Healey being the first rector to live in it.
For the previous 150 years, the clergy had lived in The Old Rectory, the lovely (but very old) moated house opposite the Draycott Arms  – but the place was falling into dereliction and was simply too expensive to keep repairing, so the church sold it.  (Bill Hartley, the scrap metal man, bought it, did it up, and lives there still).

If you are interested, estate agents Donald Cope are handling the sale and you can have it for £375,000.
It has a fish pool…

– – –
Facebooks galore!

Talking of church activity, Draycott & Cresswell can boast yet another Facebook group – the Cresswell Catholics of St Mary’s (and nearby Catholic churches) page.  Gabbie Termine and  Deacon Trevor are its administrators, and they update it regularly.
The St Margaret’s Church Facebook page has been going for some time now, and is also worth keeping an eye on.

Another Draycott social media page is the Sultan Buffet Pakistani restaurant Facebook (the restaurant by Stuart Avenue) page.  The new owners are keen to point out that they are nothing to do with the Mango Tree Restaurant which was in the building before, insisting that they are a completely new operation.
Mohammed ShabazIn fact, the new guy in charge there is Mohammed Shabaz (pic right), was first known for his food in Birmingham’s famous Balti Triangle.
The place has been getting some good reviews from the critics too – see Andy Munro’s review.

– – –
Delivery to your letter-box

Finally, if Facebook and Twitter and all that kind of thing leaves you cold, then you are probably someone who likes good old-fashioned newspapers and magazines.
But… it isn’t always easy for people in Draycott to get to a shop to buy them, especially if you rely on buses (what buses???!!).  One day we mentioned this to a neighbour, who surprised us by telling us that a daily newspaper delivery service is available to residents of Draycott & Cresswell (… and we never knew!).

The lovely lady at Lloyds Newsagent – next to Blythe Bridge Railway Station – has a network of local residents who will deliver to homes, on her behalf, every day in our district.  She will even come out and bring your newspaper herself if it’s a slow day!
Just phone her on 01782 393544 to arrange deliveries – which can be as frequent or as infrequent as you like.

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2 responses to “NEWS: more new housing / Facebooks / rectory for sale / newspaper delivery

  1. Heavy lorry traffic

    The traffic in Draycott is a huge problem now. Just think what it will be like when cars from 168 houses and HGVs from the Business Park will also be travelling through the village!
    There is an event on in Blythe Bridge on July 29th from 4 until 8 when people can tell SMDC what they think about the local plan. As many people need to get down there as possible and have their say. I will certainly be there and have my say about the huge issues this will create.
    They have put a limit on 16 HGV’s leaving the Blythe Park site at night but no limit on them leaving during the day. They will have to go through Draycott as they are advised not to turn left and travel the other way, through Hilderstone.
    jacquie leach (parish councillor)


  2. Newspaper boy...

    Blimey!! How times have changed. I used to deliver newspapers in the villages of Cresswell and Saverley Green, including way-out houses and farms, morning (before school) and evening, 6 days a week, plus the double load on a Sunday morning, and collect the payments for them. My remuneration?…10 bob a week. Happy days!!!!!!
    Nigel Peake


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