Name that animal

Lots of people in our district are talking about the impact any new-build development might have on the wildlife here – especially in the ‘wild corridor’ that runs alongside the River Blithe.  Because of the unique situation, some birds and animals do thrive here unexpectedly.

Can you identify these birds and animals that can be found in Cresswell, and nearby fields, and along the river-course into Draycott proper?  (They are all mentioned on the Wildlife Board next to the Information Kiosk).

Cresswell wildlife board (without captions)

Local wildlife …

If you find the photo on this page too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
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How did you do?   If you want the answers, click here

If you think any locally-seen significant bird or animal has been missed off the list – or flora and tree-types – would you let us know?  Just use the comments box below, or email us.

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2 responses to “Name that animal

  1. Were some of those waders really seen here in Cresswell? when??


    • Yes, they have actually been seen here!! Nearly all of the waders mentioned have been photographed either on the marshland wetland fields (year in year out), due to the flood plains here in Cresswell.
      In fact, wildlife BBC Discovery photographer Craig Jones has come down many times to photograph the diverse wild life we have here, including birds.
      Detailed photographs are available, from the big to the small, including Curlews to Yellow Wagtails. Some are stunning, like the golden plovers that feeds here in flocks every year.

      Craig actually wrote a letter for the residents of Cresswell to present as an objection to the proposed Blythe Park development. This is available on the SMDC website now, but sadly was withheld during the planning decision process, as were all our objections. Only the developer’s side was posted to the web, which we felt was unfair.


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