One hundred year old photos of Brookside

It’s amazing to think that there is still a lot of ‘undiscovered’ history out there – still!
Now, four marvellous old photographs of the Draycott of 100 years ago have come to light.  Can you help solve the mysteries in them?

The photos were passed to Lev Wood, the secretary of the Blythe Bridge & Surrounding Districts History Society.  (The society regularly covers matters of interest to Draycott & Cresswell & Totmonslow).
Lev has asked this website to reproduce them – in an effort to seek more information.


The four photos are of Brookside – probably around 1920, and maybe earlier.  Brookside is the unmade road that you will find 100 yards along Cheadle Road past the Draycott Arms turn.
They concentrate on Lilac Cottage, which is still standing.

If you find the photos on this page too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
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Draycott Brookside Lilac Cottage to the left
The first photo shows Lilac Cottage on the left and another cottage on the right.  The cottage on the right later burnt down.  Does anyone know what it was called, and when it burnt down?

Draycott Brookside Lilac Cottage
Another photo of the two cottages – though the ivy seems to have grown somewhat by the time of this shot!

Draycott Brookside, owners of cottage which later burnt down
This photo shows the owners of the second cottage, the one that burnt down.  They look a happy couple.  Does anyone know their names?  One suggestion is that they may have been Thorleys.  Does that ring true?

Draycott, close to Jacobs Ladder
Finally, this cottage is on the other side of Cheadle Road to Brookside, probably near where the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ steps are.  Does anyone recognise it, or the lady in front of it?


If you are interested in local history, joining the Blythe Bridge & Surrounding Districts History Society is a good start. The society regularly gets thirty people to its monthly talks.

If you can help with more history artefacts, Lev would love to hear from you – just email Lev and he will get back to you.  Or email us at this website, and we will definitely help too.
You can also use either email to send any helpful comments about the photos on this page!!

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3 responses to “One hundred year old photos of Brookside

  1. Has anybody checked the 1911 census? It could show the name of the cottage and the residents from that time.


  2. Arthur Espley, who used to live in Brookside, was a very keen local historian; and he told me 40 years ago that the overgrown grassy lane at the side of Lilac Cottage was known as ‘Penfold Lane’ and was used by drovers to drive the cattle down to an overnight stop opposite the cottage.
    The brick built shed, which is still there, was the accommodation for the men.
    Allan Belfield


  3. Yes this does look like Mrs Thorley, but don’t know who the gentleman is… assume it was Mr Thorley
    Mr R J Salt


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