NEWS: church repairs / world champion! / spate of thefts / youth work in need

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late September 2015
News of…:  St Mary’s gets a face-lift / Tara retains her world champion title / appeal to keep youth-work going / library to remain open / spate of petty thefts in Draycott …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a concert at Draycott Church Hall. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Things looking up at St Mary’s

If you’ve wandered along Cresswell Old Lane in the past fortnight, you’ll have noticed the scaffolding over the front of the church there.  It’s all to do with long-needed repairs to the front to the building, especially to the coping stones on the pediment, which were sprouting some rather too-healthy pieces of vegetation until recently.
St Mary scaffolding

Scaffolding at St Mary’s

We’re told the repairs will be accompanied by a clean-up to the front: which means the old church will be looking its best when it celebrates its 200th anniversary next year.
The statue of Our Lady, which is installed in a niche halfway up the facade, may also get a fresh lick of paint, which can only be a good thing.
(The statue was donated to the church in 1912 by Lady Stourton.  The Stourtons were Draycott village’s chief patrons at the time; and in fact, the present Draycott Arms was called the Stourton Arms during the nineteenth century).

Incidentally, if anyone has memories of St Mary’s , and feels they can contribute them for the 200th celebrations, would you email us?  …And we’ll put you in touch with the anniversary organisers.

– – –
Top of the world

Well, we’re glad to say that we have a current world champion in our midst!

Tara BurndredTara Burndred (right), who runs the Tatsu Kai Dojo martial-arts and fitness centre in Cresswell, returned a few days ago from a trip to Switzerland – where she had been defending her world title at the World Jiu-Jitsu championships… and she returned in triumph, having done just that!
Tara took silver in the ‘Ladies 2015 Individual Grappling (BJJ) Division 2‘.

Her success is all the more remarkable seeing that she ‘retired’ from major competition in 1993 in order to bring up her kids Ash and Ellie, and only returned to the top-level of the sport two years ago.
Congratulations to her!

You can find a short video on YouTube about Tara and her centre .

– – –
Keeping youth work going

Much of Tara’s work at her centre is devoted to sessions for children, and across the other side of the village, many parents also have reason to be thankful, this time to youth worker Mick Smith, who runs the weekly Mish-Mash Youth Club at the Draycott Church Hall.
However, Mick’s youth work gets no support from the local authority and is largely funded by contributions from local churches.  The one-pound fee for children to get in barely covers costs.

So an appeal, led by St Margaret’s Church, has now been launched to raise funds to keep the work going.  Mick leads sessions in Blythe Bridge as well as Draycott.
Should you need any details, or simply wish to put your name forward as a donor, please contact Graham Stokes (01782 397307) or Joan Pritchard (01782 395616).

– – –
Library stays open

It had been a bit of a worry that the reorganisation of the smaller libraries in this county might have meant the closure of some – including our nearest one, the one at Blythe Bridge.
The county council decided earlier this year that they would no longer run it, and were inviting local groups to come forward to take on its management.

Blythe Bridge Library

Blythe Bridge Library

Well, one such group has come forward after all to say it will take-over the running of Blythe Bridge Library.   The ‘Care & Fun Club’ charity, which is better known for running the nursery at William Amory School, has offered its services, and has been accepted.

The details have et to be thrashed out, such as: what will be the opening hours?; will volunteers be needed to run the desk?; how will the finance be managed?…  but, at least, the library will definitely stay open.

– – –
those locks

Finally, the Draycott Facebook group has been discussing the latest spate of petty thefts and burglaries to have struck the area.  The police have put the latest incidents down to small groups of opportunist thieves, probably from Stoke on Trent, turning up and just sniffing around, to see if they can find empty sheds, unlocked garage doors and so on.  Some cars have been damaged too.
The thieves are after small, easily disposed-of, portable items for quick re-sale somewhere.

Obviously, it’s time to check there is reasonable security on any outbuildings you may have; and probably time to think again about secure window-locks etc.
The parish council say they will invite the police to put on a talk sometime soon locally about home security.

– – –

Finally, some may remember George Jones, who used to live here in Draycott before he moved up to Cheadle.  Sadly, his death was reported this week.  He was 85. His funeral is at St Margaret’s on October 13th.

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