Draycott looking shabby – part two, Cresswell

Well!   There has been a lot of reaction to the recent article on this website about how shabby Draycott is starting to look.  People have been stopping us in the street to say what they think, and the parish council discussed the article at its last meeting.

Most seem to agree things are getting worse, and are puzzled why it should be so.  We’ve had all sorts of suggestions about ways to improve things (see further down this page), and residents have been sending us photos of ‘black-spots’ in the village.

But the most upset of all seem to be the people of Cresswell.  The worst littering in the district seems to occur on the verges between the Izaak Walton and the Sports Centre, and some aspects in the hamlet do seem to be especially neglected.
We’ve compiled this slideshow of photos sent to us of the complaints (and one compliment!) about Cresswell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What to do?

It’s a parish-wide problem of course, and we wondered what Draycott Parish Council might suggest, but, at the last meeting, parish councillors seem to think there’s nothing more they should be doing, and did not resolve any new actions.
The council says it employs a litter-picker; and that it refers most complaints to the county-council’s Highways Department teams, which it says is the negligent organisation.
(Curiously, one of our parish councillors is also the chairman of the County Council Highways Committee!)

A number of residents also think that we as community citizens should also be out there trying to make our streets look nicer, not just relying on others.

Here are some suggestions for improvement that have been passed to us (we don’t agree with all of them, but do tell us what YOU think):
●  The parish council should put together a leaflet to be put through doors asking if anyone is happy to volunteer to look after their nearest planter or wipe down the nearest road-sign
●  If no one volunteers to look after the planters, they should be carted off to the skip
●  The parish council should advertise in the local paper for a lengthsman (ie a person to do ‘handy’ jobs) – it has been four years since a fully permanent one was in place (see letter)
●  Parish councillors should get behind an adopt-a-sign scheme
●  The litter-picker’s schedule should be reorganised: to concentrate on the worst spots, and less on the okay spots
●  Parish councillors should publish the requests they make of the county council Highways team; and make a formal complaint to Highways if the work is not carried out
●  Parish council should formally support local community groups who do tidy-ups as well as sign up for the Moorlands Council’s tidy-up schemes
●  The parish council should publish on its website the letters it writes to land-owners who do not keep their hedges and surrounding roads tidy

Keep em coming

Please keep your thoughts and suggestions coming.  It looks like this issue won’t be going away soon!
Have you seen any shabby parts (or actions) in the locality that should be highlighted?
What do you think should be done?  And who do you think should do it?
Please leave a comment if you have thoughts – either in the comments box further down this page, or on the Draycott Facebook page if you prefer…

Just use the comments box – near the bottom of this page.           (The form will ask if you wish to put in your email address.  You don’t have to – and it is always kept private anyway and never published -, but, if you don’t add your email, that means you might miss any responses to your comment).

5 responses to “Draycott looking shabby – part two, Cresswell

  1. carted off to tip

    Can I just clarify… is it the non-volunteering residents that will be carted off to the tip – or the planters???!!!
    Giggled when I read the passage.


  2. Increased efforts

    The Parish Council have increased their efforts to secure the services of a lengthsman to carry out specific tasks e.g. repairing the Draycott Arms bus shelter. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
    In addition, I have a volunteer to attend to the planters; again, this will be discussed at the next meeting.
    Can I repeat the request for residents to please be diligent in the suitable disposal of their own litter, and for people to ‘adopt’ signs near to their homes.
    As I said previously, I regularly clear litter, sweep gutters, and clean bollards near to my home, and I would urge others to do the same.
    Roger Holdcroft (Chair Parish Council)


  3. Cresswell needs volunteers

    Cresswell Community Group has consistently tried to improve Cresswell itself. However there are some areas that they cannot do because they are in the hands of Staffordshire Highways and Housing associations, for example the bus shelter roof and the garages in Cresswell. Councillor Mark Deaville said he was going to support us on both of these issues but nothing has happend.
    I am trying to link cleaning the signs with sponsors, and raising money at the same time, but it has to be cleared with those above. Consequently nothing gets done.
    I also cleared the weeds on the bridge last year and cut back hedges with Carol Toft. Carol is no longer living in Cresswell and has moved to Stone. Cresswell Community Group needs volunteers as I can’t do it on my own.
    Di and Alan volunteered to water the troughs by the bus shelter as they live close by – and they have looked magnificent this year.
    Cresswell residents also volunteer to do Community Speedwatch but, because the signs are very poor and need replacing, it could be that they will not be allowed to carry on (clear signs are compulsory for speedwatch) – £350 is needed to purchase new ones.
    I know some residents have also volunteered for Ice Busters (and I have the list of their names) but nothing has come back to them as yet, therefore we could have another winter of treacherous icy pavements.
    I have to say a huge thank you to many of the residents in Cresswell who have wanted to get things done but unfortunately keep hitting dead ends mostly due to lack of information.
    Let’s turn this around ASAP!!
    parish councillor jleach2


  4. Let's work togtehre

    Would be great to get official agencies and volunteers together… presumably co-ordinated by parish Council?
    also, what about the Draycott level Post Box (and others) locally that have disappeared? Does it suit the PO to have less boxes to empty?


  5. Also, is there any news on the future of the Izaak Walton pub? It has been closed for nine months now!
    Sam Jones


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