NEWS: adverts ugly? / vicar & Syria / planning map / folk music

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early October 2015
News of…:  (ugly?) advertising hoardings / new vicar & politics of the day / where did the politicians go? / New local planning map / return of the folk musicians …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including Halloween events. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Is advertising an eyesore?

One of the issues that has risen to the surface recently among people who read this website is the question of the advertising hoardings outside Blythe Cricket Club’s ground in Cresswell.
We had a few emails (see our last post) to suggest that these hoardings are unwelcome, mostly because they are too ugly for a small and homely place like Cresswell.

Cresswell advertising hoardings

Advertising hoardings at the cricket club in Cresswell

In previous years, the cricket club mounted these hoardings on the fence inside the cricket ground, but this summer moved them to the outside fence, where they now face the road.  Presumably the advertisers prefer this site because it gets more ‘eyeballs’, as the saying goes.

But what do you think?  Are you bothered?
Use the comments box at the bottom of this page if you want to put forward a view…

– – –
New vicar … and Syria

The Reverend Jonathan Roberts has now finally settled in as the local vicar.  There hasn’t been anyone in place as the ‘rector’ (as he must officially be known) since Easter, when David Bickersteth retired from the post.  However Reverend Jonathan is now holding regular services at St Margaret’s, and says he looks forward to chatting with anyone at the tea-and-biscuits session (which takes place after the Sunday morning service) if he is there.

Rev Roberts and church wardens

Rev Roberts with the St Margaret’s church wardens Pauline Clarke (on left of picture) and Dave Meller (on right)

Reverend Jonathan seems a dynamic person, and, perhaps reflecting that, there is a strong ‘call to action’ article which has appeared in this month’s parish magazine.
The article points out that Syria has a significant minority Christian community, which is caught (literally) in the gunfire between warring groups in that unhappy country.  The magazine article suggests we need to give them, and all refuges, more help.  The article says:  “Christians in Syria and elsewhere are looking for ‘Christian’ countries to help them. Our government has consistently not helped Christians in other countries, and shows a lack of compassion to all refugees of whatever religion.”
Strong words indeed from our local church.

– – –
What happened to the surgeries?

One thing that always happens at elections is that the hopefuls who’d like to be our MP or local councillor start showing up and making promises.  Almost as predictably too, they seem to disappear from sight after the election.

That’s certainly true of our some of our local representatives.
According to his website, the local MP hasn’t had a surgery anywhere in this constituency for a whole six months now, and the articles he was writing for the local paper seem to have dried up.
Meanwhile, at local level, I could swear some of the new councillors told us they might hold similar surgeries, for local folk to come along and discuss issues on their minds – not to mention saying that they would make greater efforts to come out to ‘meet the people’.  We wait for that day…

One local-government development we do like though is that Staffordshire Moorlands Council has started a new ‘interactive-planning-map’ on its website.  It’s a lot easier to use than having to trudge through the usual planning-applications webpages.  The interactive map shows not just planning applications either, it shows things like where the nearest ‘protected tree’ is and even where the official flood-zones are.
(… according to this map, nearly the whole of Blythe Business Park is in a flood-zone…  Hmm.)

– – –
Trad folk

Finally, if you’re a musician, you’ll welcome the news that the weekly folk music sessions return for the autumn, on Tuesday afternoons at Draycott Church Hall.
Ann Mundy tells us that she welcomes musicians who’d like to join in learning to play mostly English, Scottish, American and Irish traditional dance tunes.  It’s all for fun, but occasionally the participants go out and do a concert.
If you play an instrument that fits that bill, and would like to participate, drop her line.

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Just use the comments box – near the bottom of this page.           (The form will ask if you wish to put in your email address.  You don’t have to – and it is always kept private anyway and never published -, but, if you don’t add your email, that means you might miss any responses to your comment)


12 responses to “NEWS: adverts ugly? / vicar & Syria / planning map / folk music

  1. distraction to motorists

    Re: comment above about Blythe Cricket Club advertising hoardings. I consider them not only an eyesore but also a dangerous distraction to motorists.


  2. Moaning minnies

    The moaning minnies of Cresswell must live a very narrow-minded existence. Do you not realise that local businesses and such advertising boards create jobs and support? The cricket club offers a fun healthy opportunity for people young and old to get together.
    All you lot seem bothered about is an old phone box and a scrappy old planter by a bus stop that has no buses!!
    Get into the real world Cresswell.


    • SAS is confused

      Dear SAS
      You are confusing issues: we all support the cricket club one way or another – it is a great organisation -, but What we don’t want is indiscriminate advertising eyesores. The advertising can well go INSIDE the ground.

      Also, you don’t seem to know Cresswell very well.
      Buses stop at all the bus-stops in Cresswell; and the Cresswell planters are in fact among the few in the district that are in fact properly maintained. As for the “old phone box” that you are so scornful of, it now houses a public defibrillator which the residents worked hard to raise funds for, and which could save lives – maybe even yours.
      Proud resident


  3. Was there permission?

    There are planning regulations, which include advertising boards sites such as the ones at the cricket club.
    If SMDC have agreed that they can be displayed then that’s ok, but nobody has mentioned anything about whether the cricket club have been through the correct procedures?

    If there were no planning regulations in place in this country, then things could get out of hand anywhere and everywhere.
    For full details see the The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 and Circular 03/07: Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.


    • Wow, the really big news here is the new vicar … but Cresswell gets its nickers in a twist over some pretty insignificant advertising boards.
      If you want a real eyesore, just walk down the old lane-footpath from the Draycott anglican churchyard towards Cheadle Road. What an affront to the eyeballs along the footpath – a dumping ground for old vehicles. Presumably Jacquie will be able to tell us by which planning law that was justified.
      Dave Dunsany


      • if this idea spreads

        I dread to think what will happen if this idea spreads. Will the sports centre put up advertising boards on its roasdside too? Will the business park, or the church hall or any of the farms or the pubs start to do the same?
        I have seen what happens in America – don’t let it happen here. These hoardings are not juts eyesores, they are very very ugly and drag the place down. Don’t let commercial interests ruin it for the rest of us.
        Dave, I too agree about the old machinery beign dumped. if you feel strongly about the problem, I suggest you go along to the parish council meeting on monday and say your piece


        • I am a little nonplussed by the comments concerning our village cricket club’s attempt to create revenue for the building of their superb new pavilion – surely a facility in the village that can be used all year round, as apposed to the present pavilion that is well past it’s death date.
          Blythe Cricket Club has been a presence in our village for many years and should be helped by all right thinking people.

          I am amazed that the furore that we find in this column gives no mention of the advertising board that have been erected on public land at the junction of Cresswell Lane and Uttoxeter Road: these boards actually block driver’s vision up the road. And are no problem to the previous writers, apparently.

          ED says:
          The A-boards on the junction were mentioned on this website in the posting on September 20th


  4. Public discussion

    I tend to agree about the advertising hoardings, they do not look too good!

    As for Parish Council surgeries, can I remind all parishioners that the first part of every parish council meeting is for Public Participation. There is only limited time for this item, but the Chair does exercise discretion, often allowing extra time for public discussion. Please come along a share your views about the hoardings or any other local issues, Monday next (19th October) is the October meeting.

    And speaking of folk music, can I thank the organisers of the Breeze and Wilson concert last Saturday. A very pleasant evening, well supported, enjoyed by all. Thank you!

    Roger Holdcroft (Chair Parish Council)


    • public ? participation

      Hi Roger. The rules on ‘public participation’ during parish council meetings are that members of the public are only allowed to ask one question per session, and that, if the question inspires a debate, it is to be postponed to the next council meeting – when the public will not be allowed to speak during the debate!
      So, sadly, PP is not really a substitute for a surgery.
      For myself, I would like to see the council change its rules on public participation to allow, er, more public participation… It sounds like you would too, perhaps?
      Mark Stewart


      • how to discuss local issues

        To answer Mark’s message, could I assure all parishioners that I would wish for there to be more contact between themselves and the Parish Council? This is the reason why I have exercised my right to extend ‘Public Participation’ sessions during council meetings and have, indeed invited comments from the floor during these discussions.
        With regard to surgeries, if contact with the MP is raised as an issue during Public Participation at a parish council meeting, I am sure that Mr Cash can be contacted and asked to attend to his Draycott electorate.
        If surgeries with myself, or members of the Parish Council, are raised at a parish council meeting, I am happy to lead a discussion on this – and am prepared to make myself more available to parishioners, should they wish to discuss local issues.
        The next Draycott parish council meeting is on this Monday 19th October, and then, usually, every third Monday of the month.
        Roger Holdcroft (Chair Draycott Parish Council)


  5. Take boards down

    Would be good to take the ad boards down, now the season has ended. Still, they are not so annoying as the ugly
    closed down Izaak pub … which is STILL saying it has food available every day on its advertising!


  6. Adverts are alright

    The advert hoardings on the cricket ground are not intrusive. Most of them you cant read while passing.
    Give the business man the chance – they sponsor our local communities


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