Advertising sign mystery tour

There has been a lot of discussion recently about advertising boards that can be found on and by pavements in our local area.  Some people think they do a useful job for local businesses; some people think they are an eyesore.
One advertising sign seemed very mysterious though, as it was totally unclear what it was about; and no-one we spoke to seemed to know!

On the main junction in Draycott (opposite Church Lane), there is a sign attached to a post there. It says in large red letters ‘CBT’.  But what is CBT?

CBT sign at Draycott junction

CBT sign at Draycott junction

We decided to follow the direction of the arrow, along into Cresswell, going on a bit of a ‘mystery tour’.  But there was no follow-up sign for nearly three hundred yards – until we reached Blythe Business Park.
The arrow on the sign then pointed into the industrial estate – but still no indication what the organisation or business was…

CBT sign at Blythe Park

CBT sign at Blythe Park

About one hundred yards in, there was another sign.  But this sign is virtually at the edge of the extent of the industrial units – and we could see no unit ahead with the ‘CBT’ initials written up on it.

CBT sign along Blythe Park main roadway

CBT sign along Blythe Park main roadway

Where was CBT? Nowhere to be found.
At last, we found somebody who was able to tell us.  “CBT is a company” said the man we saw, “that teaches people to ride motorbikes; and this is their training square here.  Riders had to negotiate round obstacles – beginners used it.”
Ah, right: so what days are the riders here?, we asked.
We go a funny look back.  “They haven’t been here for  … maybe four years…??” said the man.

CBT's old Blythe Park training square

CBT’s old Blythe Park training square

It’s amazing to think that these signs have remained in place all these years unquestioned.
But … what is the moral of this story?  Maybe it doesn’t matter, or does it?

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One response to “Advertising sign mystery tour

  1. And, in four years will the isaac walton pub (despite being SHUT) still be advertising meals every day??

    ED says:
    Ha ha!! Yes, I too have asked them to put up a proper CLOSED sign, but they never have. I still see puzzled folks pull in there and try the door. It’s just discourteous of them, isn’t it?


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