NEWS: Odd flooding / A-boards gone / Colours project / lengthsman update

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early December 2015
News of…:  why was a roadside drain filled in? / junction adverts removed / Blythe Colours reunion success / lengthsman saga goes on … and on …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a Christmas Tree Festival. Check out the Events page)

– – –
Not draining

The recent weather of rain and high winds has caused some disruption, but the most obvious consequence is the pooling of water on the link-road just outside the Chandni Cottage restaurant (about one hundred yards from the A50 roundabout). This link-road connects the north-bound and south-bound sections of the dual carriageway.
This flooding effect is quite dangerous as cars turning into it off the dual carriageway can be doing a decent speed – and may not see the water – and can hit the water quite hard.  It lasted for some eight days.

Flooded drain

The mystery is: why is the water not running away through the drain there?
Well, oddly, it looks like someone has filled in and tarmaced over the drain….! Presumably this was done by the county highways team, though no one is sure. Our councillors are looking into the issue.

– – –
Adverts taken away

Another road issue that has raised some discussion is the question of the A-boards which sit on the main junction on Draycott Level.
Some people think they should be left there, as they help advertise local businesses. Other people think they are an eyesore and ugly-looking.
However, just to place them there is not illegal, as such, which is why they have been there for so long.

But you will notice that most of them have been taken away now.

Cresswell Lane junction adverts

What happened was that our Draycott in the Moors Parish Council recently had a complaint that they were dangerous – because they were blocking the view for some low-chassis cars trying to turn into Uttoxeter Road from Cresswell Lane. And… it turned out that it is “illegal to leave anything on verges or highway that obscures vision”.
So, the boards have now all been removed but one; the one that remains is chained to the signpost there, so it will need cutters.

– – –
Odd job

Taking of the parish council, the four-year saga to find and employ someone to do the odd-jobs about the area goes on.
For some reason, the council hasn’t wanted to place an advert in the local newspapers for the post; and councillors have instead just been recommending their own friends & neighbours for the role (officially known as the ‘lengthsman’). None of these recommendations turned out satisfactory, so, finally, two months ago it was decided enough was enough, and the post would be properly advertised.

But — last month, a couple of councillors each recommended one of their neighbours and their recommendations are now being considered.
Back to square one then.

– – –
Blythe Colours project expanding

The Blythe Colours Factory reunion last month saw an amazing turn-out, when some sixty people crowded into the Cheadle History Centre meeting room and swapped stories and reminiscences.
The main ambition of the meeting was to look through all the photos in the Blythe Colours archives and try to identify all the people and places in the pictures. However, there are probably two thousand photos to be labelled, so it will take another two or three sessions for that to be achieved.

The archives were donated to the Cheadle History Centre when the Cresswell factory closed its doors for the last time last year. Among the archives are not just photos, but artefacts (like enamels, commemorative plates and marketing items) and documents, including old works magazines and posters.

What’s great is that former employees are coming forward not just to attend the reunions but also to donate items they have. Bill & Jill Allen, who actually live in Scotland nowadays, have just sent us some lovely silk promotional calendars (see the 1950 one, below) – and we have been able to pass them on to the History Centre. A big thanks to them.

Blythe Colours calendar 1950

If you want to know more about the Blythe Colours project, drop an email to Mark Bentley. He is co-ordinating the project from the employees’ side of things.

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