A ‘Colours-ful’ Christmas message…

It’s time to wish everybody a “Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year”!
Back in 1934, the management at the Blythe Colours factory in Cresswell were doing exactly the same thing; circulating this leaflet (below) to all their hundreds of clients…

Blythe Colours Xmas Wishes 1934

Thanks to the people at the Cheadle History Centre for letting us use this image from their Blythe Colours Works archives.

Christmas message

We’ve also been asked to publish this special end-of-year message from Roger Holdcroft, the chairman of Draycott Parish Council

Message from Chair of Parish Council, December 2015

To all Residents.

It is now six months since the present Parish Council was elected and I was appointed to be Chair.  It has been an interesting time, with much to learn, especially for myself and the other new Councillors.  We are indebted to the experienced Councillors for their help and guidance.

The Parish Council has met six times since the election and has considered the usual issues of planning and has conducted all of the required business.  We have also tried to bring about some improvements to the Parish, including such things as grass cutting, hedge management, signage etc… 
A highlight of the year, so far, was being proud to be involved in the installation of the new St Margaret’s Church Rector, and being able to wish him well on behalf of all of the residents of Draycott.

In addition, Draycott Parish Council has joined with other local parishes in the ‘Parishes Together Initiative’, in order to coordinate activities and share experiences.

Perhaps most significantly, in response to requests from parishioners, we have moved forward on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.
We have enlisted the services of a consultant solicitor, and, on his advice, have formed a Steering Committee, consisting of myself as Chair, Mrs.Kate Bradshaw (Parish Clerk) and two volunteer councillors,  Cllrs Leach and Clarke.  The Committee has met once and has delegated tasks towards producing the first draft of various sections of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, having first of all completed some internet research on Plans produced in other districts across the country.  The services of a proofreader have also been secured to work on later drafts.

Clearly there will need to be consultation with parishioners on the detailed contents of the plan and this process will commence in the New Year.  Parishioners will be notified by pamphlets and via the village and parish council web sites.  I hope that we can rely on the interest and enthusiasm of residents as we work on this project.

I would like to thank all of the Parish Councillors and the invited District Councillors for their attendance at meetings and for the professional and sympathetic manner in which they have shared their views and listened to those of others.  Particular thanks are also due to Mrs.Kate Bradshaw (Parish Clerk) for her diligence and dedication to supporting the Council.

Finally, could I wish all of the residents of our Parish a safe and happy Christmas and a content New Year.

Roger Holdcroft (Chair of Parish Council) – ledgemusic@hotmail.co.uk


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