NEWS: Father D going / job vacancies / buy a barn! / can you vote?

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late February 2016
News of…:  Cresswell’s priest is leaving / parish handy-person post / grassland & barn up for sale / are you registered to vote?…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including lunches for Lent… Check out the Events page)

– – –
Popular priest to leave

Well, the bad news (for us, if not for him perhaps) is that Father David Hartley, who has been priest at St Mary’s RC Church in Cresswell for the last six years, is moving on.
Father David is returning to his roots by taking a new parish in Oxfordshire – but he will be sorely missed here.

How will he be replaced?  The fact is that Father David looks after three parishes (Meir and Caverswall, as well as Cresswell) and holds down a number of official (voluntary) posts, so he’s one of those people who often needs to be in two places at one time…   However, he also takes a keen interest in community affairs – he was even asked if he’d consider being a Draycott parish councillor – but he simply didn’t have the time!

Cresswell Information Centre opening

Father Hartley cut the ribbon for the Cresswell Information Centre opening

Draycott’s historians will miss him too, as he has enthusiastically carried out researches into the Catholic history of this ‘Paynsley district’ – as Catholics used to call it.

It’s not clear when exactly Father David will be going.  Though his new role down south commences at Easter, he expects to be here in Cresswell for the main 200th Anniversary Celebrations of St Mary’s in May 1st.
Let’s hope a grand Farewell Party for him will mark the occasion too!

– – –
Want a derelict barn of your own?

Talking of history, there’s a chance to own a little bit of our local history – if you have £150,000.  If you ever walk up the bank past The Draycott Arms, you’ll have noticed a derelict old long barn on the right-hand side of the road.  No-one is quite sure how old it is, but it is now part of the sale of five acres of land there.

The barn and the huge, empty field around it are currently on the market, and being handled by Eaton & Hollis.  See the details.

– – –

If you’re looking for part-time work, two local opportunities have come up.

In the next village along going south, the parish council there are looking for a handyperson.  They want someone to carry out regular maintenance of public benches, notice-boards, planters and bus shelters, and also carry out minor repairs.  Altogether, the contract pays £2970 a year (equipment provided).
See the details here, or take a look at the council’s notice-boards (nearest one is in Saverley Green).

Our own Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council could take a lesson from Fulford, because our parish council has been saying it wants to employ a ‘lengthsman’ (aka a handyperson) for the last four years, but doesn’t seem to have figured out that advertising the post might be one solution to the problem.

Draycott Arms

Want to work at The Draycott?

Also on the local vacancies list is an opportunity for a sous-chef at The Draycott Arms. The pub is willing to see the right candidate as soon as they apply…

– – –
In… out?

Finally, don’t lose out on your chance to cast a ballot in what David Cameron has called the “biggest vote in our lifetimes”.  Yes, the European Referendum vote is now set for June 23rd; and you need to make sure you are properly listed on the Electoral Register if you wish to take part.

All you need to know about being on the Electoral Register can be found on the SMDC Elections Page.

Incidentally, on the same day we will all be being asked to vote for who should be the next Staffordshire Police & Crime Commissioner.  Already a number of candidates are lining up for this one – even the Green Party is putting forward a nomination.

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One response to “NEWS: Father D going / job vacancies / buy a barn! / can you vote?

  1. Father D goodbye

    My last Sunday will be on 8th may, and moving out on 10th.
    Thanks and blessings to all who have made this such a very enjoyable time for us, God bless,
    Father David and Pat Hartley


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