NEWS: broader-band! / community money / Izaak jobs / garden days / fly-tipping

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early March 2016
News of…:  superfast broadband in Cresswell / £2000 community grant / catering jobs / show off your garden / fly-tipping…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a ‘Black & White Ball’… Check out the Events page)

– – –
Money for the community

As you drive on the A50 towards the Blythe Bridge roundabout from the Uttoxeter end, you’ll see what looks like fields of snow to your left. In fact, it’s the Lower Newton Farm ‘solar array’ with its nearly fifty thousand panels.

This solar farm was ‘energised’ as they call it (we would just say ‘started up’!) at the end of March last year, and if it meets its targets it will have supplied enough energy by now to have met the annual electricity demands of 3,400 households.  It’s all a very environmentally friendly site, as residents saw on the Open Day last year; and should have saved the UK 6000 tonnes of Co2 emissions in the last twelve months.
Recently, the builders of the site, Novus Energy, sold it to BlackRock, a major investment concern.

Solar farm (on Creative Licence)

A photo of a typical solar farm array. The one at Newton has slightly lower frames

But what will probably be of most interest to most of us is that BlackRock has agreed to pay £2000 per year into a community fund for all Draycott-in-the-Moors area – to be administered by Draycott Parish Council .  And the first payment will be in April.

So – what do you think the money should be spent on? All ideas welcome, though they will have to be approved by the parish council.

– – –
Untidy Cresswell

When we wrote an article about ‘Untidy Draycott’ some months ago, there were mixed reactions.  Some people thought it was outrageous to say the village needed extra tidying effort, some said we weren’t critical enough.
A lot of the input came from you, the readers, who supplied us with photos and sightings.
Sad to say we keep getting more and more such photos, not fewer.

Fly-tipping at Railway Cottages

The latest photo we have received (above), from ‘Tricia T’, is of some fly-tipping near Railway Cottages, which are on a track just off Cresswell Old Lane.  It’s a shame.

Please keep your photos of sightings coming.

– – –
Izaak looking good

One site that has got a heck of a lot tidier in the last few weeks is the area around the Izaak Walton Pub.  Yes, someone has really got stuck in, cutting back overgrown greenery, and clearing away any litter, and doing minor repairs.

Weathervane at Izaak Walton

Weathervane at Izaak Walton. Which way does the wind blow for the pub now?

As you might have guessed, the reason for this is that the Izaak is re-opening shortly, under new management – after a year of being empty.
A sign outside the pub says that the management is recruiting bar and kitchen staff.

If you have been trained in catering, now is a good time for you, as the Draycott Arms is also advertising for staff!

– – –
Broad(er) band at last

Householders in Cresswell tell us that they’ve received a letter from ‘Superfast Staffordshire’ announcing that superfast broadband is now finally available in most of Cresswell.  Draycott Level up to the church has had it for a while. It’s not quite clear to us if Totmonslow has it yet. If you are not sure if you are ‘on the grid’ yet, try using the Broadband Availability Checker.

It’s been a while coming, but we should be grateful to the county council that they have sponsored this project.  If it had been left to the market, it would have been much longer in reaching us.

Cresswell broadband cabinet

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing yet!
Yes, it is now a fibre-optic cable all the way up to the ‘green cabinet’ but it’s still a copper cable from there to individual homes.  And it isn’t an automatic fix; one still has to talk to one’s internet-provider about getting the faster speeds.
But it does mean that people in Cresswell and Draycott can now have a better, more reliable connection if they want one.

– – –
Open gardens

There was an interesting idea last year put about by some of our local community leaders that it would be good to have a ‘gardens competition’ for charity.
That idea didn’t work out, but we all agreed that there are some hard-working and skilful gardeners in our district.

Well, we’ve just had an email from the National Gardens Scheme (the NGS) asking if we’d mention on this website that the scheme is looking for local garden-proud householders to help them out.
The idea is that you open up your garden for a few hours (charging a small admission fee) and that the money goes to both the NGS’s chosen charities and also to your own chosen charities.

If you are interested contact Graham & Judy White, who will come along and advise you the best way to go about it.
Well, why not, when it is all for charity, show off your bloomers? (!)

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One response to “NEWS: broader-band! / community money / Izaak jobs / garden days / fly-tipping

  1. What will be done about the wall, outside the garages at the top of Cresswell, just after Rookery Crescent, which has now collapsed?
    It is a danger and obstacle to anyone passing. It was always looking precarious in the past


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