NEWS: college meeting / democracy issue / mobile library – gone / box for charity

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late March 2016
News of…:  Draycott crisis meeting date  / council in breach of transparency / local lad boxes for charity / last few history books / Draycott mobile library axed…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a ‘Curry & Karaoke Night’… Check out the Events page)

– – –
College crisis meeting

As you may know, upsetting scenes at Draycott Moor College led to a heated meeting of the parish council earlier this month.  Residents demanded some action, and we are now told that there will be a big Q&A session about the issue on Monday 18th April at the Church Hall (from 7.30).  At the meeting will be representatives from the college, and, it’s hoped, from the police; local householders are all welcome to attend.
And if you have anything you want to add into the debate, contact the parish council to ensure your voice is heard.

Draycott Parish councillors though have a strange issue of their own.
As you may have noticed, the minutes of its meetings are no longer appearing on its website – and no one from the council is explaining why.
It is now a legal requirement under the Transparency Code to publish council minutes – because … they are democratic decisions taken in the name of the whole community, so we should know what the council are up to.
It was formally agreed that, as there is an issue with the website (explained or not), that the minutes be published on the village notice-boards instead, but (at the time of writing) this request appears to have been ignored.

– – –
Goodbye mobile library

The ‘reorganisation’ of the Staffordshire Library Service has meant cuts all round; and the mobile library service to Draycott had its last visit this week.

Mobile library in Draycott

Mobile library in Draycott

The mobile library van used to stop at St Margaret’s Court, where the folk at the sheltered housing there, could order and pick up books.  Not any more.
No one seemed to object very much to the cut though, so maybe it wasn’t much used (?).  Tean and Fulford, which did protest, will however keep their mobile library services.

Talking of St Margaret’s Court, congratulations to its oldest resident!

Draycott Parish Council's Celebration for Betty Hammond 2013

Draycott Parish’s celebration for Betty Hammond’s 100th (thanks to John Clarke for the photo)

The former parish councillor Betty Hammond, who is also Draycott’s oldest resident by far, turned 103 this month.  We’re told that Betty’s birthday parties are far & away the village’s happiest events!

– – –
Fighting for charity

Fancy jumping in the ring to box, even for charity?  No, nor us! – but that is exactly what one lad from Cresswell, Nathan Swinson, is doing this Saturday (April 2nd).
Nathan is taking part in a so-called ‘White Collar Boxing’ event in Hanley.
‘White Collar Boxing’ is amateur, but it’s not exactly just for fun either, because all the participants have had thorough training in a gym.

Nathan will be donating his profits from the night to the Midlands Air Ambulance, a charity for which he and his family have raised thousands of pounds over the last few years.
If you know the Swinsons, they have a few tickets left for sale for anyone who wants to go along.

– – –
Last chance to buy history

Ten years ago, the well-known local resident, Matthew Pointon, wrote his book ‘A History of The Parish of Draycott-en-le-Moors‘.  A hundred copies were published, and it was thought that – as only local people would want to buy – stocks would never run out.
However – guess what… there are now only a handful of copies left for sale!
Unfortunately, there are no plans to reprint the book, so if you don’t get your copy now, you may never get one.
The book costs £10 – just apply to Kate Bradshaw if you want one.
Profits go to the maintenance of our local historic churches.

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