“We are a Hamlet”

This latest entry on this website has been written by local resident, Rin.
She has become more and more dismayed by the proposals that Staffordshire Moorlands Council have for our parish, and especially for little Cresswell.  If the plans go ahead – linking the Blythe Park industrial complex to a large housing estate and then on to a second, even larger industrial complex right along the River Blithe to Blythe Bridge -, it will change our parish completely.

This is Rin’s plea to the authorities to change their minds…



WHY O WHY don’t the council listen and consider the views and impact on the lives of people that they are supposed to be representing – whom we have placed in that position of trust – to do right by them?


This is my own perspective regarding the proposed expansion and I am sure that it has been said before but just to reiterate re the traffic increase.
It is hard enough to attempt to get out of the junction of Sandon Road Cresswell which joins Uttoxeter Road Draycott at peak times.
I use the word ‘attempting’ as anyone who tries to do this knows just what an exasperating and lengthy process it is.


The thought of the extra traffic accrued from the proposed housing will bring the area to a standstill even if the houses proposed have only one vehicle – and I am sure that there will in most of the homes be two. We are talking at least 200 extra vehicles in these areas at peak times.


We are then having to consider the expansion of the industrial site with huge storage facilities to be built and again extra vehicles which the council has now proposed.
Traffic, extreme noise and road dust, will be going through this area constantly throughout the day and night making the day time as busy as the aforementioned peak times.


I know that some expansion has to go ahead but once again I have to state that we live in a HAMLET – the sort of place the government has stated should not be built on.


As a disabled person I moved here because the area was flat and easy for someone to get to me if I needed help.  This help will not be easily available if the council’s plans go ahead.
The small village of Blythe Bridge will be solid, the large A50 roundabout – which is terribly difficult to get across already due to peak time congestion and the frequent accidents occurring …  the extra traffic increase will be exacerbated.

My doctors and family help all come from the Blythe Bridge area which is why I came to live here. The council’s proposals will make me feel very vulnerable again.  There does not seem to be any thought from them and they have not taken into consideration the knock-on impact of all of their plans.  They seem to see what they want to do and nothing else.

To conclude, as previously mentioned although I am sure that most of this has already been said before, I am speaking from my own perspective.  I urge EVERYONE who may be in the same position as myself to speak out against these plans and show the council that they cannot just do as they please when the people, that they are supposed to be representing, voted for them and to a degree gave them their jobs believing in them as people. We are believing in them as representatives for us as we are affected and don’t want their proposals.

These proposals need to be stopped before they begin as it will be too late once they go ahead.  This can not be done by a few, and people cannot assume that their Input is not imperative to this campaign. Your voices as people are very very important and CANNOT BE LEFT TO A FEW!

Your voices are needed if you want change, so I am asking you all on behalf of all like myself whom can only fight to a degree due to ill-health, please speak out if it will affect you.  If we are all in this together, that will change things. There are enough of us if we try.  If you are not in favour of these proposals PLEASE GET INVOLVED.


If ou want to know more about how to object to the council’s proposals, Bev Reardon has written up a suggestion for what you should do on the village Facebook page.
If you want to comment on Rin’s words, just use the comments box – near the bottom of this page.


4 responses to ““We are a Hamlet”

  1. Traffic backing up

    Boss comment. I am a disabled driver and sent a message eight weeks ago to SMDC Planning warning them of road chaos on Sandon rd, Cresswell. I have had NO response.
    Only last week I was at standstill in traffic alongside the Izaak Walton pub. The queue went uphill and backed up down all the way over the level crossing, all because two lorries at the top simply could not get past each other! And they weren’t particularly big lorries, more like Bread vans.
    Not the articulated type that will be in continuous convoy in and out of Blythe industrial Park if the proposed expansion goes ahead…


  2. The BIG picture

    I agree completely.
    But- We need to object to ALL of the planning issues affecting us along with Blythe Bridge. It’s no good keep concentrating on Cresswelll when ALL of the proposals will add noise and traffic and change the look of the whole district.

    The Blythe Bridge group have copies of letters to download with objections on, I am adding to some of those. (See http://blythegreenbelt.co.uk/what_can_i_do.htm). BB Group are also objecting to all of the proposals; and we need to do the same, including the development in Caverswall Old Road (in BB) which will also increase traffic in our district.
    Can whoever operates this website please have a push on this to raise awareness and galvanise readers into action. The proposed traveller site should be a priority and yet it’s barely mentioned on here.
    This is about more than just Cresswell’s problems. SMDC are trying to change our beautiful villages and hamlets forever and its the start of them being morphed into Stoke, with no Green Belt boundary. If you don’t want this you must object to ALL the plans on the table.
    I have been against the Cresswell development from the start – but you have to see the wider picture, so please, let’s see some more info plus a Call To Action on here for the whole district.
    BeV Reardon

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  3. No say with planning committee

    Oh I do so much agree with your thoughts but unfortunately, although we may elect councillors, we have no say in which councillors get on to the planning committee – which is at the heart of these potentially disastrous planing proposals.
    Who appoints the committee menbers and why.. we do not know. And: HOW THEY DECIDE WE DO NOT KNOW.
    BUT PERHAPS SOMEBODY DOES!!! How they came to their decisions could be in the hands of those proposing these plans ?? – and I only submit this as a question and not as a statement.
    Hopefully sense will prevail at some juncture, given so much sound evidence against the proposals. Perhaps some common ground could be reached one day. I certainly hope so for all residents for both present and future.

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  4. Here, here. Excellent points made. I am doing my best to fight the application and I need people like you.
    parish councillor jacquie leach :0)

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