NEWS: college ruckus / fayre float / St Mary’s House / council breaks rules

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid May 2016
News of…:  more problems at Draycott College / float on tour for fayre / how our council is ignoring us / new tenants at St Mary’s House…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a big car-boot sale… Check out the Events page)

– – –
College ruckus

Well, it’s often said you should never make promises you can’t be sure of keeping. However, many of us heard Jay Hart from Horizon Care, the organisation which runs Draycott Moor College, say that he would have the problems of the college sorted within, not months, but weeks.
Oops. That was a mistake.

It’s no laughing matter for the residents of Draycott Old Road though.  Sad to say, some of the children from the college have been out on the street again this month causing dismay and upset. Police cars had to attend this time (again), yet, despite that, one fire engine was still prevented from getting through. One poor motorist who got stuck, stationery, behind the fire engine, suffered all sorts of abuse.

The teenage children at the college have had rough lives and are, in some cases, quite disturbed, so we all realise how tough looking after them is.  But, surely there has to be an answer.
Over to you, Mr Hart. Again.

– – –
New times for old house

It’s all change at St Mary’s House in Cresswell Old Road.
The old house – which dates back to the 18th century – has Grade 2 listed status given by Historic England,  thus making it the pride and joy of of St Mary’s Catholic parish (which covers Cresswell and Draycott).
The house (below) abuts the church though one can see the difference in age between the two buildings by looking at the stonework.

St Marys House, Cresswell

However, Father David Hartley and his family, who were living in it, did not get much time to enjoy the old house’s historic status, as Father David has now been appointed to a new parish (down south), and has now departed the Cresswell shores.

Taking advantage of the change, the Catholic authorities have rented it out to a new family, who (we know this for a fact!) will take very good care of it.
And, whenever he’s appointed, the new Catholic priest for the church will live in a house in Meir – Meir being the centre of the extended parish of Meir, Caverswall & Cresswell.

– – –
Float on!

The news from the Draycott Summer Fayre organisers is looking good… pretty much all the attractions that they had hoped to get are now booked, and it’s looking like a massive Fun day!

Local residents will be particularly interested in a new attraction this year: a ‘float’, which will tour on a lorry round the local area. The theme will be a celebration of the 25 years that the fayre has been running – and why not? Twenty-five years is a brilliant achievement.
The Draycott Brownies and the Draycott Craft Club are putting their collective heads together to make sure it is as colourful as it can be.

Don’t forget to put the date in your diary: Sunday July 10th.   Volunteers to help are still needed: both before the event and on the day.  Contact John if you think you have a little spare time.

– – –
Our arrogant council

Why does Draycott in the Moors Parish Council continue to flout the rules imposed on it by government?

For over a year now, our councillors (including one who is also a member of the Staffordshire County Council cabinet!!) have simply not done what they are supposed to do under the new government Transparency Code.
By this code, our councillors must openly publish the minutes of their proceedings within 30 days – because our councillors are elected by us, so we should be informed what they are up to.
However, currently, the council still has outstanding non-publication right back to last September!
It must also publish an ‘annual set of data’.

Draycott Parish councillors

Some Draycott Parish councillors (except Colin Pearce, in tie, who is a district councillor, and Kate, in blue jumper, who is the clerk)

For many months now, residents have been requesting that the councillors simply observe this law…  but they have been brushed aside – with the comment that the council clerk is already too overworked.  (The council clerk is paid to do twenty hours administration for the parish council per month *….).
(many apologies to readers: the first draft of this article said “20 hours per week” – a mstake which wasn’t spotted in the proofing… sorry)

Well, in that case, sensible people like you and me might say the over-stressed clerk could do with some help.
However, the councillors have been saying the opposite; and that offers of help – even voluntary – must be refused, even when the help is being offered by an actual councillor.  The reason?  Apparently, only the clerk is competent enough to do stuff like put notices up, update a website, make phone-calls, or carry out basic research… (?!!)

Meanwhile, our parish council continues in breach of the rules, and seems (apparently) arrogantly unbothered by it.

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5 responses to “NEWS: college ruckus / fayre float / St Mary’s House / council breaks rules

  1. Roles within a parish council

    May I take the opportunity of setting the record straight regarding the article about Draycott in the Moors Parish Council…..
    Please click here to see how roles are defined within a parish council. I hope if you read to the end of these definitions that your idea of the roles and responsibilities of the individuals who meet once a month (legal requirement is 4 times a year) has become clearer.
    Kate Bradshaw Clerk to Draycott Parish Council, 07715 284580, email:


  2. Enough shilly shallying!

    So it appears that the parish council is taking a leaf out of the district council’s book.
    Mmm, is no council accountable then to the electorate? Shame on you!
    Enough shilly-shallying – you have a job to do.
    We the electorate thought we’d persuaded you to get on with the village plan also but I wonder if that too has fallen by the wayside.
    Comments appreciated from any and all of you.


    • Neighbourhood plan ongoing

      Dear Elector,
      Parish Council minutes are available on the Parish Council web site; and at the last meeting (May – poorly supported by parishioners) the suggestion was made that minutes and agendas should be made available on this web site also.

      To be precise, the Parish Council has embarked upon the task of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. The work on this has, by no means, fallen by the wayside as we are still collecting data from questionnaires. It would be greatly appreciated if any further completed forms could be handed to Councillors as soon as possible. I would further point out that Parish Councillors have spent a considerable amount of their time on this, in addition to attending the 11 monthly meetings held each year.
      Roger Holdcroft (Chair Parish Council)


      • Are we dumb animals?

        Mr Holdcroft, you make me laugh saying a parish council meeting was “poorly attended by the public”.
        I run a business, and if no one comes through my door I don not blame them. I try to find out what I am doing wrong. The parish council should take a leaf out of a business person’s book!
        I have come to a meeting as suggested but the whole thing is set up to shut out any contact. To wit, a member of the public is only allowed to speak once and then has to shut up for two hours while the councillors drone on. The councillors mutter among themselves so we can’t hear, so why we are there becomes pointless.
        Why should anyone come along as you say? We are only allowed to watch like a dumb animal.
        If you want me to come along another time, you will have to give a purpose for me being there. Well, Mr Holdcroft?


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