Blythe Cricket Club – looking good, about to look even better

It is proving a crazy twelve months for Blythe Cricket Club as it refurbishes its club-house and changing rooms at the Cresswell ground.
But crazy in a good way!

It all started five years back, with an exhausting period of writing reports, undertaking negotiations and the rest – and then late last year Blythe were awarded just under half-a-million pounds in a Big Lottery grant!
The money has a specific purpose: to knock down the old pavilion, and create a brand-new club house – which will double as a purpose-built new Draycott & Cresswell community centre during the week.
New changing rooms (for women as well as men) are also part of the plan.

Blythe CC building work2016

Building work by the pavilion earlier this year

If you’ve walked the public footpath along the side of the ground, or you have been to watch a game there recently, you’ll have seen that work is already under way.

Community centre

But… why have the club-house double as a community centre?   Well, it was a condition of the lottery grant that the new building be open to the community – and the club are pretty happy about that anyway.
Club chairman Colin Dawson told us: “Our teams only really play cricket at the weekends (though the juniors sometimes play in the week), so there is plenty of time when members of the local community could use it.
“It will be ideal for a variety of uses, some ‘official’, such as a possible NHS outreach centre, to the more casual, such as meetings or dances and luncheon clubs. Anybody from the community is welcome to come forward with ideas on what they would like to do in it.”
It really will be purpose-built too, as for the first time at the ground, there will be disabled toilets.

Bye bye pavilion

As the pavilion finally comes down, it will be the end of an era.
The pavilion was built in 1926, when the ground was owned by the Blythe Colour Works.  The owners at the time, the Wildblood Family, were the old-fashioned type who believed in ‘providing’ for their workers.  It was they who created the cricket ground (as well as the tennis courts).

However, the poor old wooden pavilion can no longer stand the winters, so it was simply empty half the year.  The new centre will be weather-proof!

Cresswell residents will be pleased to hear that the problem of congested road-parking on the top of the hill will be much alleviated, as parking facilities are also being improved.


The idea is of course to ensure that the club has a future for another 100 years.

It will also be more community-oriented than it has been in the past. A few years ago Blythe had no children’s cricket teams, but now around a dozen teams use the ground including under-nines to under-17s.
Sadly, the senior women’s cricket team had to fold because it couldn’t attract enough players.  Hopefully, it will return one day.

Blthe Cricket:: New structures, some te,mporary, some not!

New structures, some temporary, some not!

The residents too should find that, from now on, the new centre gives their community projects a place in which they can focus, and make good things happen!
(The crazy thing is that the new housing estate about to be built in Cresswell also has a community centre as part of its plans, so very soon Cresswell will have two community centres within 100 yards of each other!!).

With good fortune and a ‘following wind’ as they say, the new developments at the ground will all be finished by Christmas.

In the meantime, why not go along and have a look for yourself?  If you go on a Saturday afternoon, you can even have a drink at the club-bar….


2 responses to “Blythe Cricket Club – looking good, about to look even better

  1. Cricket club queries

    This is wonderful.
    But does it help to support us against the nasty developments that have been put forward against those horrendous proposed industrial sites? I think not. It just weakens our arguments.
    Will the cricket club guarantee children’s access to play on your fields? Also will the club guarenatee walking access through the site – as a public right of way ?


    • Dear concerned,
      Children are always welcome to come and play on our fields, as junior members of our teams, both boys and girls from ages 6 onwards. They would always be under the supervision of a qualified and security checked adult.
      Obviously they couldn’t be allowed to come and go as they please due to insurance issues and duty of care restrictions.
      Bring them along to come and see us at any time.

      With regards to access through the site, there is and has always been a public footpath along the hedge side to the church, this is public access and would remain so, with stiles or entrances for pedestrians openly there to use.
      hope this answers your question ?


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