NEWS: confused? / police alerts / Queen b / cricket season

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early June 2016
News of…:  confusing planning consulations / new system for police community liaison / Queen’s birthday / Blythe team off the mark …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a digital photography class… Check out the Events page)

– – –
Bewildered?  We are.

There are now THREE processes ongoing about the future (planning-wise) of this district!!  And some of them overlap, so it’s sometimes confusing.

But this is how it was explained to us…
* The Blythe Park-Cresswell application for a new housing estate and huge (100%) expansion of the industrial park. This is now fully approved, and work can start when the builders like. Only a legal challenge can stop it now (see VVSM Action for details).  So… as far as we can do much just by writing a letter, it is done & dusted and in THE PAST.
The Staffs Moorlands ‘Site-Allocations’ Local Plan consultation.  This is about the amount of possible extra new housing (excluding the Cresswell housing estate – which is already approved), the possible travellers’ site, the creation of a second local industrial park (behind the houses on Uttoxeter Road).  Consultation period with us in the community ends on June 13th (click here for some tips).  So … this is about our IMMEDIATE FUTURE.
What is totally barmy here is that this consultation is asking us if we are happy with the idea of a Blythe Park industrial park expansion…. when that idea has already got approval!!  The planning department told us that it was “one of those unfortunate timing overlaps that do happen” and that whatever we say about the Blythe Park site now won’t count…!   Weird.
*  The Neighbourhood Plan consultation.  The NP is being initiated by Draycott Parish Council – but Staffordshire Moorlands District Council now wishes to know if we are happy with the idea of a Draycott-Cresswell neighbourhood plan even going ahead. The consultation on this runs until the end of this month. So… this is about the FUTURE FUTURE (so to speak!).

Site Allocations notice, CresswellTalking of consultation, thanks to LH who emailed us this picture (above).

On the tree is a poster (which you can barely see !), which is the official site-allocations notice, regarding sites OC55 and OCSS in Cresswell.
Now, as it is on a telegraph pole deep into to a hedgerow with no walking access, you kinda wonder if someone is trying almost to prevent us being able to read it….

– – –
Cricket off the mark

Thanks for all the kind comments about the report on Blythe Cricket Club’s building plans (our last article).

The First XI team themselves have not been doing so well, with a slow start to season. The team only had its first win at the end of May, but managed it at last – thanks to a great display from Matthew Goodwin, the Staffordshire player.  Matthew, who has now come back to Blythe from Moddershall Club, claimed six wickets for the loss of just 33 runs!

Blythe Cricket Club ground

The Blythe CC ground has spectacular views

The set-up in the North Staffordshire & South Cheshire Cricket League has changed this year.  The First XI are now in the ‘new’ Division One, and the Second XI in Division 8.

– – –
Queen’s knees-up

It’s the official birthday of the Queen this coming weekend, and, as she is still the ‘Supreme Head’ of the Church of England, all Anglican churches are being asked to do something a bit special.

Our local Anglican church, St Margaret’s is holding a special service-of-celebration for the Queen on Sunday (12th) at 10am.
Church-goers can also attend a tea-and-cakes party in Draycott Church Hall on Saturday (ticket-only event).

– – –
Police & Community

One thing you may have noticed is that our monthly police and community liaison meetings (usually held at Blythe Bridge Library) have been dropped.  Now and again there will still be meetings, but not so regular.
There wasn’t much point in them to be honest, as hardly anyone attended them, so it was a bit of a waste of a police officer’s time.

They were useful though as a way of finding out the local crime situation. But… even that knowledge can now be found on the internet anyway: ‘Staffordshire Smart Alert’ has been introduced, which is a way of picking up such information via email, mobile-phone app, or by accessing the Smart Alert website.
Our local officer – PCSO Jon Staples – will even add in extras on there, such as Draycott-specific crime details, crime awareness and notice of local meetings (if and when they happen).

… we thought we’d check out the latest post from Smart Alert, and … it is a bit worrying – and a bit mysterious!
It says “It has been reported that offenders are gaining entry to vehicles via unknown means to commit theft of items contained within, without leaving any trace of forced entry. The owners wrongly believe that they may have left the vehicle unsecure.”
Very strange…
It’s even more important then not to leave valuable stuff in your car overnight…

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One response to “NEWS: confused? / police alerts / Queen b / cricket season

  1. Respond to consultation, please

    To all residents of the Parish of Draycott-in-the-Moors:
    Could I take this opportunity to remind you all of the importance of responding to the SMDC re the Site Allocations Local Plan before the deadline this Monday? Details of how to do so have been provided on this web site, including the opportunity for a Freepost letter.

    Also, again outlined on this site, there is a consultation procedure for the designation of the Parish as an area for a Neighbourhood Plan. Work on this has already commenced and a questionnaire and leaflet have been circulated to collect ideas and suggestions from the community. I would like to thank those that have already completed and returned this and would urge others to complete them and return them to members of the Parish Council.
    Roger Holdcroft (Chair Parish Council)


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