UPDATED… NEWS: S106 surprise / Sultan closes / council tax explained / new priests

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid June 2016
News of…:  News of: cricket club deal – or not? / council tax rise explanation / what next for Sultan? / new clergy for Cresswell …
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Sticky wicket
(this section has been updated since it was first published)

A ‘Section 106’ agreement for the new Cresswell housing estate has now been signed off, and lots of people have been studying it.
The S106 is the agreement between officers from the district council (Staffs Moorlands DC) and the developer (Scentarea/Malcolm Barrett); and is about all the nitty-gritty things that must be done before the development can go ahead – stuff like provision for proper transport links, playgrounds etc.
The negotiations are carried out behind closed-doors, and no community leaders are allowed to have any input.

Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council discussed it this week at their meeting; and there was quite a lot of surprise at one unexpected clause.
The S106 indicates that Blythe Cricket Club, which is just up the hill from the planned housing estate, will stand to gain hundreds of thousands of pounds if the estate is built. In the document, it states the developers are putting forward this sum, to be paid over for the use of the cricket club’s playing fields for the incoming population.
HOWEVER … the cricket club’s chairman has since vehemently denied that they have ever even been approached over the matter!!!

Blythe CC cricket shed

Space at the east end of the cricket ground

The councillors were – whatever the situation – still surprised, and a bit dismayed, that no one who signed off this S106 had approached them, even out of courtesy, to at least inform them that this agreement was in the air.

The council (and local community groups) have been active in supporting the cricket club during its successful application for lottery funding.
Other local land-owners have been reluctant to strike deals with such an unpopular project without first talking to community leaders.
It will be interesting to see how the cricket club chases down this matter – and what explanation is eventually offered for this quite bizarre situation.

To read the clauses about the cricket club money yourself, click here (see page 11).
To see the whole S106 agreement, click here – and then scroll to the bottom of the page.
To see our guide to the other highlights of the agreement, and to see what local people are thinking about it, click here

– – –
Council tax

Talking of the parish council, you may have been as puzzled as we were to see that the Draycott Parish Council part of the council tax bill had risen by 2%.  The councillors had sworn blind that they would not raise their part of the tax at all this year…

Well, it turns out it was a weird administration thing.

Our parish council did not seem aware that the annual grant that they receive from Staffs Moorlands was being reduced (– part of the cuts that SMDC is implementing across the board).
So, just by asking for the same money in council tax as it received in the previous year, the parish council… accidentally, it’s said … ensured immediately that we would have to pay more in tax to them.
Accounts are slippery things, huh?

– – –
New clergy

The Catholic Church has worked quickly to find new clergy for St Mary’s in Cresswell.
At Easter-time, Father David Hartley, who was very popular round here, was promoted to a new parish down south, and no-one thought we’d see new priests in the parish for a while.

Hog Roast at St Mary's, Cresswell

Hog Roast at St Mary’s, Cresswell

However, it has just been announced that Father Kazimierz Stefek is to be the new priest for the combined parishes of Meir, Caverswall & Cresswell. He will have an assistant too: Father Pawal Przbyzewski.  They will be based in Meir, and will arrive in August.
Both men are of Polish origin, as you can guess from their names, but Father Stefek knows the Midlands well, having served before in a parish in Wolverhampton.

We wish them luck.

– – –
Sultan shut

What’s happening at the local Pakistani restaurant, the Sultan Buffet (formerly The Mango Tree, and, a long time before that, The Plough)?
The restaurant shut suddenly last month without much explanation, though it did say that it was looking for a new chef.
It has had problems in the past, including a poor review from the hygiene inspectors, but it seemed to have turned that corner, and was getting recommendations from its regulars.

Sultan Buffet Restaurant

The Sultan Buffet

The building is now “to let” – with planning permission for a restaurant of course. Anyone know what is likely to happen next?

– – –

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4 responses to “UPDATED… NEWS: S106 surprise / Sultan closes / council tax explained / new priests

  1. Halal... outrage

    Halal involves animals being bled to death after having their throats slit with a sacrificial knife and Islamic chants being made. Crucially the animal’s head must be turned to Mecca and they must be conscious as their life drains out looking at Mecca.
    By contrast, Western abattoirs must involve the humane stunning of all animals before death. This is the difference between slaughter and sacrifice.
    Tony Blair and Political Correctness have done their best to disguise Halal as being just another way to fill your belly, but it is an outrage against Animal Rights and does not accord with Western values.


    • Halal - stay calm

      Oh dear… you’ve been reading The Sun. In these days of attacks on minorities, shouldn’t you be just a bit more careful about getting the right facts?
      The BBC is the only outlet you can trust these days (which is why the Govt wants to diminish it, maybe?) – so try this for the facts, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27324224 – “Tesco says the only difference between the halal meat it sells and other meat is that it was blessed as it was killed”. As you can see, the animals are stunned in nearly every case.
      Also, using loaded phrases like “westren values” is irresponsible in this present moment. Many abbatoirs in the ‘West’ stun animals before they are killed… and I suppose you know that halal and Jewish practices of killing animals for meat are pretty much the same, and Judaeo/Christian beliefs are the root of wetsern values.
      Just dismissing views you don’t agree with with the phrase of ‘political correctness’ is not on. It is better to read the facts and debate calmly. Especually in these dangerous days.


  2. Regarding what was once the Plough.
    It would be nice to have another restaurant or pub in the Parish, but as a campaigner against Cruelty to Animals I avoided the Pakistani Sultan because I could not get a clear answer from them whether their meat was Halal-slaughtered.


    • Why don’t ou like Halal meat?
      Halal slaughterhouses are registered and inspected just like other slaughterhouses in Britain, and inpsectors do not allow anythign invloving animal cruelty. The bad old days are long gone, so you shouldn’t listen to prejudice and rumour.
      Meat lover


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