Support our wildlife – buy a mug!

This month, people in our area have a unique opportunity to support our local wildlife and buy a lovely pottery mug at the same time.
All through July there is an exhibition of photographs of birds and mammals – many taken here in this district – at our local library in Blythe Bridge. All of them were taken by the well-known wildlife photographer Louie Horleston, who lives in Cresswell.

Not only are prints of the photos in the exhibition for sale, but also some specially created pottery mugs, which have transfers of the wildlife photographs on them.

Save Our Staffordshire Wildlife mugs

You can see images of the photo-transfers that appear on the mugs in more detail below, in our slideshow.
Most of the animals in these photos can be seen in our part of Staffordshire – though a couple of puffins, and an eagle (neither of which can be seen in Staffordshire !) do make up the full set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hard times for wildlife

Louie Horleston travels all over the country photographing wildlife, particularly birds, especially in the remoter parts of the UK.

But he is particularly saddened that the new housing estate & new industrial estates coming to Cresswell will devastate the local habitats, especially in and around the course of the River Blithe.
The river here creates what’s known as a ‘flood plain’ around it as it goes, so birds like Yellow Wagtails breed here, as do Yellow-Hammers, Kingfishers and Lapwings.
In the river itself one can find wild brown trout, crayfish, a healthy water vole population and frequently we have even otters travelling up and down the river!
There are even over a dozen species here which Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has described as ‘priority’.

But Cresswell’s real claim to fame is our feeding Golden Plovers, which arrive here every year, as do even the very rare Willow Tits and Water Rails.


Louie is so dismayed by what the massive new building developments will do to the district’s wildlife that he is donating the profits from the sales of all the prints and the mugs to support local wildlife.
“It is all too easy to forget about our wildlife” Louie told us. “But once it’s gone, it’s gone – and what a tragedy that is.  If this vast new development goes ahead, then the river-plain around Cresswell, and Draycott, will be changed forever.”


The exhibition of photos by Louie can be seen at Blythe Bridge Library right through July – click here for opening hours (note that the library no longer closes at lunchtimes – no matter what the website says!).

The prints and the mugs are all for sale – the prints are priced around £15; the mugs are £3.50 (earthenware), or £4.95 (china).
The prints and mugs will also be on sale at the Draycott Summer Fayre (on Sunday July 10th).
If you are unable to get to the sales points, but would like more information about getting some, just email for details.

* For more about wildlife in this district, see these articles:  A wildlife information board for Cresswell and Spot wildlife in Draycott

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