NEWS: Ferrets at fayre / new Totmonslow housing? / parish council responds / pool team invite

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early July 2016
News of…:  last minute attractions for fayre / housing plans for Totmonslow / parish council angry with district council / fancy a Draycott pool team? …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in our locality – including a rock disco… Check out the Events page)

– – –
Latest for the fayre

As usual, the summer just seems to go so fast!   The middle of the summer is always marked for us by the date of the Draycott Summer Fayre, and that seems to have spring on us quite suddenly…
Because… it takes place this Sunday (the 10th).  Yes …. THIS weekend!

Enjoying an ice-cream at Draycott Summer Fayre!

Enjoying an ice-cream at Draycott Summer Fayre!

The organisers tell us that there has been an amazing growth of interest from people who want to run a stall at the fayre.  This year, for the first time, the Staffordshire Moorlands Spinning & Weaving Guild will occupy a spot in the ‘Country Craft Village’ section; and we will even see a man who is bringing along his racing ferrets.
The car-boot section has also expanded this year; if you have forgotten to book your car in, you may just have time to arrange that – just email the Fayre Organiser to see if spots are still available.

Another piece of real good news is that Moorlands Radio, the community radio station for this region, will be bringing their roadshow along, and will be broadcasting live from the fayre between 12noon and 2pm; so, if you are interviewed by someone with a microphone, remember you could be heard by thousands of listeners….

And the cherry on the cake is that there is no temptation to drink & drive.  If you want to enjoy all the beers and ciders being laid on by the Draycott Arms (who are running the bar), all you have to do is catch the shuttle-bus, which will be running in a loop from Tean to Cresswell to the fayre site to Blythe Bridge, dropping off and picking people up along the way.  (And it’s free!).  To see the timetable, click here.

There’s no space here to mention all the other stuff going on, so take a look at the main fayre webpage in order to see the complete (and huge) range of attractions.
Though… don’t forget also that Saturday (9th) is party-night…  ‘Rocking in the Marquee’ features a band, a disco, a bbq and a bar.  That’s what we call a party!  Click here for details or phone 01782 397055 for tickets.

– – –
Get sporty

Summer is also a time to think of sports.

Our local men’s tennis team (from at Draycott Sports Centre) seem to be positively running away with their division.  They are top of the first league, and were even seven points ahead a few weeks ago, which is astonishing.
If you fancy wielding a racket yourself, Draycott is having a ‘Great British Tennis Weekend’ event on July 16.  Rackets and balls will be provided, so whether you’ve never picked up a racket before or you’re a seasoned regular, there is fun to be had. But do remember to sign up to it before the day, to be sure of your participation.

We’ve also been contacted by local lad Luke Shaw, who asked us to mention that he is keen to get a pool team started in the neighbourhood.
He suggests the team should join the Thursday night Cheadle And District Pool League; and no one has to be verry very good as the team would play in the lower reaches to start.
Luke doesn’t yet have a definite venue in mind, but he has a few ideas.  Interested?  Call him on 07891692904.

– – –
Housing … responses – and – applications

The great Moorlands Housing-Development Proposal Plan rollercoaster ride goes on.

For nearly a year now, this region has been beset with uncertainty over what parts of the area are to be earmarked for new housing and for new travellers’ sites… and it seems like the uncertainty will go on for some time yet.
Although the so-called ‘Moorlands Local Plan Site Allocations’ public consultation is now finished, the council now has to assess all the comments from the public, and to decide what to do next; that will probably take until the end of August, keeping people on tenterhooks.

Draycott site allocations employment

Draycott ‘site-allocation’ proposals.  The dark green blob (on both sides of the A50 road), is the proposed big new industrial employment site. The little yellow blob, wrapped inside the red blob, is one of the suggestions for a traveller site. (The light green space is Draycott Moor College)

Of course, the people of Cresswell already know their fate: a big new housing estate and a huge expansion of the industrial park definitely will go ahead, despite a huge response of unhappy comments from them last year.
It surprised many residents that two of our local Moorlands Council ward councillors, Mark Deaville and Dave Trigger voted FOR the draft Local Plan, as this draft document seemed to be positively pushing for the expansion of the Blythe Industrial Park.
Well, at least Cllr Dave Trigger has stood up and responded to those comments – you can read what he has to say by clicking here.


In fact, it was probably Cresswell’s experience that inspired the rather angry official response from Draycott Parish Council to this same Site Allocations consultation.
Its submission read:
The developer of the Blythe Park and Cresswell planning application SMD/2014/0576 has never sought the opinion of Draycott Parish Council nor sought to work with the local community: a public exhibition only was held.
[Also] …. a local action group raised money to put a full report of objections forward and also had an independent traffic report written by JMB. However none of these objections were put on to the [Moorlands Council] planning portal until after the application had been passed at the February 2015 meeting.
Draycott Parish Council therefore feel that the positive evidence from the developer was noted – but nothing noted on behalf of the people who wanted to object. This is not Community inclusion but Community exclusion.

Meantime, the people of Totmonslow may be waking up next year to a small housing development of their own.
A developer has recently put in an application to build five two-bedroom bungalows in Breach Lane.  Click here for details of that application.
It will be formally noted at this Monday’s parish council meeting.

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