Draycott Fayre 2016 – review

On a day when you have to compete against Andy Murray in a Wimbledon final, Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix, not to mention the Annual Cheadle Road Race, you might at least expect the weather to be kind.  Especially when you are celebrating your 25th anniversary.
Nope! Didn’t happen.

The morning of Sunday 10 July dawned windy, squally and rainy. It was so wet underfoot early on in Ford’s Field that the path into the field had to be abandoned eventually (after a lot of work by the fayre tractor-driver hauling vehicles out of the mud!) and exhibiters had to be re-routed on to the site.  Well done to volunteer Nola Ward who acted as an impromptu traffic police officer!
We won’t mention the tent that simply blew in the air and sailed away.

But… as they say … the sun shines on the righteous.
Unbelievably, by late morning, the bad weather was over, and the crowds began to stream in like nothing had happened.

Fab fayre

It was another great Fayre.
The piece de resistance’ had to be the float, on the truck: celebrating a wonderful 25 years in existence of this event.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - 25 years banner

Parish councillor Pauline Clarke shows the ’25 Years’ banner – made by the Brownies

The Draycott Brownies decorated the float (in more ways than one) – it was a magic idea, and also alerted the neighbourhoods to the presence of the fayre.

The great thing about this fayre is that there is something to watch or to do almost every minute – even though the carousel and bouncy trampolines and quad-bikes kept most of the children pretty busy most the time.
Once again, the Y-Draig Vikings re-enactment group were the stars of the day (though no one fancied joining in their authentic seventh-century meal…!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In fact, for all children there it was a terrific day – with sports (including the brilliant sack-race, and a Vikings vs The Rest tug-o-war) organised by Dave Meller.  He managed to keep charge… most of the time…
Some children also joined in with the drummers, some flocked to the puppets, and some decided to do battle with the Vikings (the Vikings lost).

Community involvement

What was also great was the number of organisations from our community who turned up in one shape or another.   Among them: the church hall committee, Draycott Plant Nurseries, VVSM community action group, the Draycott Craft Club, the local Brownies & Girl Guides, Draycott Sports Centre, St Margaret’s Church congregation, the local Women’s Institute, Draycott Moor College (who raised £1100 on the day!!), Andy Bird and the Angling Club, the Draycott Arms… not to mention the St Margaret’s Fayre Committee & Volunteers led so ably by John Clarke…
If we’ve forgotten anyone – our apologies.
Next year, it would be nice to see even more community-based organisations doing their bit…

It was also wonderful to see the oldest person in our district turn up.  Betty Hammond (the former parish councillor) is well over 100 years old, but she was there – determined to see her grandson Anthony Hammond perform his usual startling feats of wood-sculpture.
Incidentally, a kind lady bought young Sam a ticket to try to win Anthony’s finished sculpture (a wooden owl) – and it turned out to be the winning ticket!  A nice story.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - ice cream

Draycott Fayre 2016 – a perfect way to spend a day!

Thanks once again to John Clarke and his team.  Let’s hope we have another twenty-five years…

To see lots more photos of the fayre, just visit the Fayre facebook page)
To see the preview of the 2016 Fayre, click here

One response to “Draycott Fayre 2016 – review

  1. Well done to John Clarke and his team for another successful fayre.
    It is wonderful to see the community coming together for a day of fun and fundraising.
    Roger Holdcroft – Chair Parish Council.


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