NEWS: hacking / leadership issues / RIP Barry / road safety

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late August 2016
News of…:  primary school Chinese hacker / has Draycott PC served Cresswell well? / road safety poster competition / RIP Barry Phillips…
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– – –
Hacked off

If you’ve tried logging on recently to, our local primary school’s website, this is what you will see on the homepage…

William Amory school website hacked

Yes, the William Amory School website has been ‘hacked’: somehow or other a very clever internet-nerd has figured out all the passwords to the website and ‘broken into’ it; and replaced it with whatever she or he wants.
It looks to us as though the villain in this case must be from the other side of the world…

It’s not quite clear how this breach occurred, but it is a warning to us all. If you maintain a home-made website you really do need to back-up all you create AND keep your firewall up to date – though, even that won’t help against a very determined hacker unfortunately…

– – –
Cresswell – poor cousins?

People living in Cresswell might be forgiven for having a hollow laugh at the new words all over the homepage of Draycott Parish Council’s website.
The words read “Let’s find a way to defeat the effects of the Cresswell 168 houses and industrial park extension recently passed by SMDC! Together we can be strong!

The fact is that Draycott Parish Council’s record on fighting the Blythe Park development has been rather weak.
Look at the facts:
When trouble was happening in Draycott Old Road with the college earlier this year, the council summonsed the college authorities to public question-and-answer sessions, to explain what was going on – and not just once, but twice!
Also, because there has been flooding of the ditches in Draycott Old Road, the council has asked the county councillor to make a special effort and draw up a special report about it.
So… the council does manage to act sometimes, especially over issues in the Draycott side of the parish.

But … when it comes to a huge problem in Cresswell (the Blythe Park housing development), what exactly has the council done during the last twenty months? Er…Written a few letters. And that’s it.

By contrast, when housing issues (often much smaller than ours!) have arisen in other Moorlands parishes, the councils there have shown leadership.
For example: in Leek East, a big demonstration (against The Mount housing plans) was organised; when they faced an unwanted development, Kingsley Council called an ‘extraordinary’ public meeting of locals; and Werrington Council organised a protest of residents outside Moorlands House.
These parish councils have stood up and united their communities.

The hundred-and-seventy Cresswell residents who signed letters opposing the Blythe Park application might feel just a little let down by their own community leaders on Draycott Parish Council; and a bit annoyed by the empty sentiments on the parish council’s homepage.

– – –
Farewell Barry

A sad occasion last week was the funeral of Barry Phillips.

Barry Phillips 2015

Barry Phillips

After a working life at Blythe Colours, Barry became something of a local historian, doing massive amounts of research not only on Blythe Colours itself but on World War Two in this district, especially about the American ‘Bolero’ Camp in Cresswell, even going to America to meet former soldiers who had served here.

He contributed his researches to the Draycott-en-le-Moors Online History website, the project which led directly to the definitive book about the parish A History of The Parish of Draycott-en-le-Moors by Matthew Pointon.

Barry had lots and lots of stories about this area, and he will be sorely missed.
We send our condolences to his wife Linda and his children, who are now grown-up.

– – –
Draw a poster to keep us safe!

Finally, it has been a great summer for activities in our little district. From the local dance-hall to the sports clubs to the churches and to the library and the pubs, everyone has tried to lay something on to make the summer of 2016 memorable.  They all deserve a round of applause…  And it is not over yet – check our What’s On pages.

If your kids might enjoy a local stay-at-home project, they still have the chance, with a local road safety competition.
The local community group is asking kids between 4 and 11 to design a poster which will try to remind motorists to keep within the speed limit when going through our district.
When the kids have finished the poster, all they have to do is fold it up and push it into the letterbox in the Kiosk Information Centre (see pic below) in Cresswell lay-by. The posters will then be displayed – with prizes for the best ones.
Final entry date is Thursday 1st September.

Cresswell Information Centre

Change of use – from telephone box to ‘Information Centre’

As we all know, most of the parish is covered by a 40mph speed limit, but it’s the sort of law that gets broken as often as it gets observed… sadly… so this competition is a great idea.

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9 responses to “NEWS: hacking / leadership issues / RIP Barry / road safety

  1. RIP Barry, an inspiration and a pleasure working with you.
    The chapters in the History Of Draycott book about Blythe Colours and WWII in the parish are as much your work as mine.
    Matthew Pointon


  2. This is only outline planning permission and the the developer has many hurdles to jump over yet especially with contamination and flooding issues. Lets make those hurdles high in order to keep the community safe.
    We can still make Cresswell a desirable place to live but volunteers are short on the ground. We need residents to watch Staffordshire Moorlands Council very carefully and stand up and shout if something that is proposed is unacceptable.
    For example: there were no wheel wash facilties when the highly toxic tip on the site was capped years ago; and the soil being brought in was also contaminated, so work had to stop back then until things were put right. It was a resident that reported this to the police back then. Well done to them.


    • Diabetic@500… Interesting to see you’re now recognising that the permission for the Blythe Park /Colour Works development is only outline and that there’s a lot to be done by them before it comes to fruition.
      Perhaps you’ll apologise to those that you’ve unfairly maligned? Rather than pushing them away they might more more closely aligned with your thoughts than you give them credit for.
      Dave Dunsany


  3. I think the statement on the Parish website is fantastic! And shows that they are working together now and more effectively to help the community in the Parish.
    What happened in the past with the previous council was very questionable, but as I have said before we need to grasp the nettle and move forward.
    Don’t forget there is still a police investigation into the matter and my formal complaint to the Ombudsman has not yet been resolved.
    I haven’t heard anything from Bill Cash MP for a while but he also gave us alot of support in the past.
    Go to the Parish Council meetings and express your videws. The meetings are run once a month.


    • Thanks diabetic@50….. I thought the updated website statement was a good comment to make…. Minutes record letters written and the dearth of replies…
      In fact from my observations over the last few years I have seen very few responses from our MP…
      As far as I can see the parish clerk works very hard; but can only write letters as directed by the council – so councillors need to direct…..
      Three councillors live in Cresswell, 3 in Draycott and 1 in Totmonslow so council is representative of the area.
      There is an action group working in Cresswell…. There was no action group working on behalf of Draycott Old Road residents either for flooding or for college issues…….


      • I have heard it all now!!
        Dear Sir, you have written “no action group working on behalf of Draycott Old Road residents”. you appear to be saying that the parish council should spend all its time on Draycott Old Rd residnets and abnadon Cresswell, just because D OLd Rd residnets do not have an action group. Is that right?
        Poor Cresswell, abandoned by its council.
        Loneley Cresswellian!


    • Ridiculous parish council

      Dear Diabetic50, you are living in la-la land. It’s all very wel for the parish council website to make loud and shouty commnets, but Actions Not Words is what counts.
      It is ridiculous for them to say ‘let’s find a way to defeat the effects of the develpment’ as tnhey are about two years too late in getting started, current council as well as old one.
      On this issue, the council has been an utter waste of time, every single one.
      But if you know better, do tell us what the council has done (notwhat individuals do, or ‘behind the scenes’ or in the dark), I’d be interested to see a reply!
      Very Very Disgrunteled


  4. We are going to miss Barry hugely, as he did so much work for us when we were fighting the Power Station and the housing development.
    Thank you to Linda and all of the family for sharing him with us. We thought the funeral was so sad but beautifully done and the song “you’ll never walk alone” will stay with us.
    God Bless you Barry xxxxxxx


    • Yes, Diabetic@500, Barry was a great chap. Always enjoyed my chats with him. Very balanced and knowledgeable in his considerations and always supportive of those individuals and organisations who put effort into the local community. A lot we could all learn from that.
      Dave Dunsany


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